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    We are currently testing the Secure Work space on a Samsung Galaxy 4s but are experiencing some problems.

    The device will work fine for a while, (normally 1-2 hours) but then if it is left sitting for a bit, it will lose connection to the bes10 server. The phone will keep trying to connect with no success.

    The only fix I have found is to restart the device. Once restarted, the device will connect to the server and function properly.
    There is the odd occasion that it does manage to reconnect to the server, but then I have to manually refresh the mailbox to see emails.

    While the concept of a containerized work space is nice, I question how one could actually use it with the limitations.

    1. No notifications when locked. (Isnt this a deal killer on its own?)
    2. Constant loss of connection to server requiring restarts
    3. Cant sync contacts with bluetooth devices (such as my car).
    4. In order to open certain attachments i need to publish apps to the work space so they can use them.
    5. The work space constantly locks when you close it (even though the BES is set to a 1 day time out) WHy even add the IT policy if the work space completely ignores what I set.

    I honestly cant imagine anyone how the Secure work space would work in our company. The notifications not working is enough to scrap it, the other items just make it worse.

    Anyone else have the same experience?
    It just seems far too cumbersome to use unless you absolutely require a secure space, in which case... i would just get a BB10 to avoid all the hassles above.
    11-13-13 10:51 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Two thoughts.

    First I would delete the S4 and then reload to BES10.

    Secondly, has this test included other devices?
    11-15-13 06:23 AM
  3. Marc Labrosse's Avatar
    I've experienced the same issue using Secure Work Space on Android.

    Devices tested:

    BlackBerry PRIV
    Huawei Nexus 6p
    Micromax Canvas A1 (Android One device)

    BES version:

    When I first activate the Secure Work Space everything is working great, a few hours down the road all devices stop connecting to the Secure Work Space. In the Notifications drop-down "Work Space" is always "Connecting" and after a while I get a prompt saying "Work Space Connection Error - You cannot access the work space on your device at this time"

    If I delete the device from BES and reactivate the same issues occur, not very promising.

    What I am trying next is to disable "MDM Controls" under Android in the activation profile in BES12 and just leave "Work and personal - user privacy (Secure Work Space)" enabled.

    I've always had both enabled and set the ranking so that "Work and personal - user privacy (Secure Work Space)" was first, but maybe you can only use one at a time?

    I'll post an update asap.

    My next step once my latest activation stops connecting is to call BES support for help.

    In all honesty I hope they don't know how to resolve it, which will give me a great opportunity to convince management to ditch BES and BlackBerry devices and get another MDM solution for Android and iOS.

    I've been administrating BES since 4.1 (10 years or so), and I am truly fed up with their software and devices.
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    07-06-16 08:15 AM

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