1. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    I have some questions about BES10 that I wonder someone could answer?

    1. I run SBS 2011 with BES 5.04. I won't be using my devices anymore with BES5 once BES10 is installed and working. So my first question is do I need BES5 to run BES10 or can I removed BES5 from SBS?
    2. Does BES10 require a separate server to run or will it run on SBS 2011?
    3. what documentation specially do I need to read through (link bow) here so I can get BES10 installed and operational?
    BlackBerry Device Service - Manuals and Guides

    02-04-13 11:21 AM
  2. deebo550's Avatar
    You dont need BES5 to run BES10. BES10 will integrate with BES5 to allow you to manage bbos 7.1 and earlier devices through a single web console. If you want your older devices to work properly though you need to keep them connected to the bes5 since bes10 doesnt support direct management for those devices. so you would have 2 bes servers (1 for the older bbos devices and 1 for the newer os10 devices).

    Im not sure about SBS 2011 since i have bes express and bes10 running on server 2008 vm's.

    installation guides are helpful to read through so you install everything properly. Take a look at the administration guides as well. All good reading before doing the install but its pretty straight forward.
    02-04-13 11:43 AM
  3. oufc_gav's Avatar
    1. Are you dumping all of your existing Blackberry devices? You will need a BES5 server to support anything pre Blackberry 10. The BDS component of BES10 only supports Blackberry 10 devices (and Playbooks) - The UDS component supports iOS/Android, the `Blackberry Management Studio' is a web interface that sits separately and acts as a unified management console for BES5, BDS and UDS.
    2. When you say SBS2011, does that contain your Exchange instance? If so i is not recommended to have them on the same box. You cannot have BDS on the same box as BES5.
    3. Would suggest reading all of it so that you know what components go with what, what requirements are needed for different services, and the security/operational implications of different bits.
    02-06-13 05:34 AM

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