1. tsazo's Avatar
    I need to purchase some additional license for our BES10 / BlackBerry Device Service 6.2 (whatever it's called).

    Is this the correct thing to buy: https://usenterprisestore.ecomm.weba...000000001.html
    07-30-14 08:55 AM
  2. BlackberryAtQuadra's Avatar
    If you are using BES10 (BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 v.10.2.+) then the link you provided is wrong, because these licences are for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
    You need licences for BES10 and you can chose between two types: Silver and Gold licenses (that's is what you need for BES10).
    Try this link :

    07-30-14 01:38 PM
  3. tsazo's Avatar
    I have Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 version 6.2. It also says BlackBerry Device Service. Whatever it is, it's version 6.2.

    Is the link you provided what I want, still? Will these 10.1 licenses work for 6.2?
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    07-30-14 01:48 PM
  4. BlackberryAtQuadra's Avatar
    This is what can be bought, now:

    BlackBerry SKU : Description I : Description II
    SPA-54829-010 BES10 v10.1 : Server Software : BB Management Studio BDS & UDS
    SPA-54829-015 BES10 v10.2 : Server Software : BB Management Studio BDS & UDS

    SPA-54830-027 : BES10 v10.1 EMM Corporate Annual : CAL for BDS & UDS
    SPA-54830-032 : BES 10 v10.2 EMM Regulated Annual : CAL for BB
    SPA-54830-028 : BES10 v 10.1 EMM Secure Work Space : Annual CAL For UDS

    Device CALs
    BlackBerry 10 (Silver)
    SPA-54830-080 : BES10 Silver annual Annual CAL v10.1
    SPA-54830-050 : BES10 Silver perpetual Perpetual CAL v10.1

    BlackBerry 10 (Gold)
    SPA-54830-100 : BES10 Gold BB annual BlackBerry Annual CAL v10.2
    SPA-54830-070 : BES10 Gold BB annual BlackBerry Perpetual CAL v10.2

    iOS & Android (Silver)
    SPA-54830-080 : BES10 Silver annual Annual CAL v10.1
    SPA-54830-050 : BES10 Silver perpetual Perpetual CAL v10.1

    iOS & Android (Gold)
    SPA-54830-090 : BES10 Gold SWS v10.1 annual Secure Work Space annual CAL UDS
    SPA-54830-060 : BES10 Gold SWS v10.1 perpetual Secure Work Space perpetual CAL UDS

    to be continued ...
    07-30-14 03:31 PM
  5. BlackberryAtQuadra's Avatar
    You can use Blackberry Enterprise Server licenses (as you suggested), but you will have to trade them to use them, after you've paid them more! After trade you'll get Silver licences so we are at the beginning. Silver and Gold licenses you can use only with BES10 10.2+.

    Now you need licenses v10.0 EMM... for BDS 6.2, but now they are not available anymore (you can check licences version in BDS licences' list). Official "End of Sales Date" for BES10 licences v10.0 is 31.5.2014. (ref: Software support life).

    I think the best solution for you () is to upgrade BES10 and then buy licenses.
    I also think that the BlackBerry support will advice the same.

    Sorry I can't help more!
    07-30-14 04:12 PM

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