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    So BES 5.0 server provided a filter where you could have only certain emails be forwarded to the device.
    Does BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offer this feature for iOS devices?
    iOS devices are my main concern, but it would also be good to know if this is available for Android devices.

    10-02-13 11:55 AM
  2. HotFix's Avatar
    That filtering was back when MAPI was used to connect the BES to mailboxes. It was a custom synchronization method so BlackBerry could add in a lot of unique functionality such as email filters and delete on device only.

    Now that BlackBerry is using ActiveSync as the synchronization method, they are more limited in what they can do. Filtering out email based upon rules is not one of the things you can do anymore, however you can select which folders in your mailbox get synched to your device and use Exchange server side rules to sort incoming email into different folders. I.e. You can sort email you don't want on your device into another mailbox folder and not select it for synchronization, or conversely you could sort email you do want to see into a folder and select it for synchronization.

    Is it a perfect substitute? No, but it can get you close to what you had before with the understanding you will be sorting messages in your mailbox into sub folders where you previously did not had to.

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    10-02-13 04:34 PM

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