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    Currently running BES 10.2 MR5. Since MR6, Blackberry has replaced Oracle Java with Azul Java, since Oracle no longer maintained Java 7.

    I tried installing MR6 a few montha ago & it did not apply. Now MR7 is out & looking to install it.

    1. Has anyone installed MR6 ok & if so what did they do about Azul/Oracle Java?
    2. Any known MR 6 issues?
    3. Same for MR7

    I have searched widely for anything relevant, but can't see any feedback on MR6/MR7/Azul install processes, issues or resolutions. BlackBerry Release Notes are useless, not even going as far as saying run the MR EXE, let alone saying if Oracle Java shoulds be removed & if so how, or at what point in an install process.

    If anyone can advise, then that would be greatly appreciated.

    Enjoy the new year
    12-22-15 10:28 AM

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