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    We installed the BES 10 server quite awhile ago so I don't recall all the install details. Before that we just had BES Express and then added the BES 10 server (currently 10.1).

    During the transition to the new Q10 and Z10 (at the time) we were supporting legacy devices so both servers were needed. it has been a long time since we had legacy devices but when we turn our BES Express server off we can no longer enroll a new user and s forth. We have been leaving it on as we did not have time to pursue.

    Now we are replacing our DC's and when we try to add the new DC's to the Global Catalog Server discovery list we get the message about "Global catalog server contains an invalid entry".

    The BES Express server does have CDO 1.2.1 in place but ideally we would end our dependence on that server being left on and also being able to add the new DC's to our BES 10.1 system.
    05-18-16 12:39 PM

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