1. ruvcan's Avatar
    Anyone been able to change the number of ring before the voice mail kick in? the *94x doesn't seems to work anymore, getting a message to change it via my phone settings.

    The old *94x should still work on cdma phone, but not hspa.
    11-23-10 09:05 AM
  2. bharuch7282's Avatar
    i guess u have to call customer care and they can change the no of ring before it goes to VM correct if i am wrong hope this helps
    11-23-10 09:25 AM
  3. bbgirl1977's Avatar
    First you will need your voice mail number, on you BB OS 7 you would hit "send" key then click you BB menu key and choose options from the list, then choose Voicemail
    your access number is what you need without the +1 in order to change your number of rings.

    Dial *61*insert your voicemail access number here**30#
    then hit send. You've just set your ringing time to 30 seconds before the call goes to voicemail.

    Dial *61*insert your voicemail number**25# then the number of seconds would be 25.

    It can only be changed in increments of 5 secs all the way up to 30 seconds.

    Hope this helps
    05-14-12 05:20 PM