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    I have a corporate account with many Unlimited features....the one thing it did not have was Tethering and I ran up a crazy bill.

    My email from my admin when I got the phone said "Unlimited email, text and data"

    Ok, so we are past that, a simple upgrade to Unlimited Tether cleared that issue and now I have that plan, but....

    I keep hearing that Unlimited is actually limited and unlimited does not exsist?

    Any one shed some light on this?

    Here is my Data usage as of halfway through the month.

    Service zone (1.4 MB)
    zUnltd RIM+Data to go Bundle BlackBerry Usage (39.53 MB)
    zUnltd RIM+Data to go Bundle Data Usage (1900.94 MB)
    zUnltd RIM+Data to go Bundle Mobile Browser Usage (284 MB)

    Am I to assume the Bold line is my Tether use? I use it to stream the iPods for the kids as we drive sometimes so there is the heavy use....I also stream Tunein radio when I'm driving into work (AM station that is weak until 7)

    So does that look TRULY UNLIMITED?

    I think I will call in to check but last time I did they wanted to speak to the Corporate rep who set up these accounts, I rather not stir it up again...but I want to avoid a $11,000 bill again
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    if your name is not on the account then no you will no be able to see any of the information. especially with it being a corp account they are VERY picky on who has access to the information/plans. the 'Z' in front of the plan name means that it is 'archived' or is no longer available. i haven't heard of Bell doing an unlimited tethering plan lately so this might be an old one that the corp-rep dug out for you. a little phone call to the guy to set up the account im sure will be a lot less of a head ache then a 11K bill LOL. so i say make the phone call and be 100% that the tethering is there. im sure your company wont begrudge you a phone call to make sure they are saving money.

    source of information: was a Bell rep for a year in my local Source store.
    04-01-12 11:33 PM
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    Sounds good....

    Its just that "honest" work related use should never be an issue so I am reluctant to ask...but if it is truly unlimited I want to use it as it doesn't coat any extra.

    I'll ask...like you said, I will frame it as something about being diligent about phone costs.

    ....this from the guy who ran up a 11k bill

    Hey $6/mb adds up quick!
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    I look after our corporate account with Bell, and all of our accounts top out based on GIG. For example we have some at 500MB, then 1GIG and up to 5Gig. None are unlimited. I would find really check into this as our plans cover tethering and hotspot usage. We don't pay any extra for these options as they are part of our corporate package but each level does have a ceiling of data.
    04-04-12 10:57 AM
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