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    I posted this in the iphone forum but would like to know if there are any Bell reps or others who've experienced the same problem. My mom has an iphone 4 with Bell/The Edge-Northwest Tel in Yellowknife. Here is the problem. She can send email on wifi at home and at my place with her Edge account but can't receive it. She has to turn wifi off or go out of range otherwise it just sits in her outbox. Hotmail is not affected by this problem. Was into Bell in Vancouver with her (she's visiting) and they didn't solve the problem as she came back home with me and experienced the same issues. One solution would be to use smtp2go.com but it irks me having to pay extra when she shelled out full price/no contract for the phone and it won't do something that should be relatively simple. Northwest Tel-The Edge are of no help at all.
    Here are the specifics:

    Inccoming Mail Server
    Host Name: pop3.theedge.ca
    Username: .....@theedge.ca

    Outgoing Mail Server
    SMTP mail.1xbell.ca (primary)

    other SMTP Servers
    smtp.theedge.ca off>
    10-12-11 12:55 PM
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    Check the port the smtp is using and make sure it is set to the one your provider suggests. If on wifi, you will need to use the SMTP server of the internet provider that the wifi is connected to. It may not be a problem if your wifi internet provider is Bell, since it would be the same network as your phone. If the wifi is on another provider such as the cable company, you probably will not be able to send using the Bell SMTP server. You will set this up as a primary or secondary smtp server, depending on which service she is most likely to be on when sending email.

    My wife has an iPhone and our local cable provider uses port 25. When she has problems sending mail while on wifi, the port has been changed on the iPhone from 25 to 587. I don't know what causes it, but it has happened a couple times. Resetting to port to 25 fixes the problem.
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