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    Hey, all. Hoping a rep, or someone with some experience with this kind of thing may be able to answer some questions about buying out BB contracts with Bell.

    The 4th of this month will be the end of my second year on this phone's contract (so I have one year left). I've been interested in upgrading to a new phone, or potentially moving to another provider (since my girlfriend has recently gone with Telus).

    Last summer I asked a rep in store about when I could upgrade without needing a buyout. Apparently I had to wait two and a half years (until July 5th 2012) to be eligible for an upgrade rather than the two years I'd always heard. That was annoying, but fine...rules are rules. I thought about it more, and considered buying my contract out with a year left, assuming I'd be paying around $20 a month for a buyout.

    Today I decided to contact a Bell rep online using their on-site chat system just to check the details before I actually went through with anything. The first question I asked was when I was eligible for an upgrade...which is now supposedly May 5, 2012?

    After that I asked how much it would cost to buyout my contract. He told me $240 for the phone (which I expected) and $200 for data?? The data charge I hadn't expected. Is it normal to be charged THAT much for data buyout?

    Also, any idea why I'm getting conflicted dates for my upgrade?

    I've not been overly satisfied with Bell's service. My bill's cost fluctuates from month to month for seemingly no reason, they've held back a month on billing me before actually charging me (sticking me with two months of bills all at once). Considering I'm looking at $420 or so to get out of it with a year left, I may be up the creek without a paddle.
    01-01-12 02:50 PM
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    first off, your upgrade date is effected by how long you have been with bell combined with the cost of your monthly service. The longer you stay a good paying customer, the sooner you can upgrade to a new device.

    And the buyout cost is correct. It is something they fail to tell you, but they now have implemented a data contract to make sure they get as much $$ out of you as possible.

    Can i ask your reasoning for switching to Telus?
    from my experience they are more expensive than Bell, my Fiancee has Telus, gets less and pays more. and their service coverage is the same now, as Bell and Telus went in together to make their H+ network.

    I would call Bell, and speak with a customer retentions agent. This person will be able to work you a deal to get an upgrade sooner and lower your monthly bill.

    Good luck!
    01-04-12 11:03 AM