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    Hi guys,

    So my family and I are in a bit of a pickle. In September 2010, we got the iPhone 4, and in August 2011, activated a second line with a BlackBerry Bold 9780. We'd had no problems with the iPhone, but right from the get-go, the 9780 didn't work right. We called customer support, who told us that it was a software issue and to wait for the new software bundle. That came and went, and the phone remained dysfunctional.

    Finally, it was taken into a SPA centre and shipped for repair, came back just as malfunctioning. The same issues persisted. That is, consistent loss of network signal, data loading/not loading, overall lag, start-up/boot-up time of over 10 minutes and text messages and bbms not sending. A while later we shipped it out again and it returned replaced, but shortly after, began to exhibit the exact same problems.

    Also, we travelled to the Caribbean in August, and were billed insanely for text messages and data services we didn't use. It took 6-months after we'd paid off a part ($1500 of the $450 bill to finally get Customer Service to remove the audacious charges. The records showed that we'd sent 7-12 international text messages per minute! Impossible! In the six months, we were harassed several times daily by their Billing Department informing us of outstanding fees, despite it being promised to us several times by Customer Service to remove the charges. We were even charged a $50 fee to do this, and nothing was done.

    Since then, we've exhibited consistent problems with the BlackBerry Bold, despite it being replaced, and now the iPhone 4 has issues connecting to the Bell network. We'd have issues making a call when outside of a building at York University in Toronto! We called customer support, and they said that we were close enough to a signal tower. After explaining the situation for most likely the 20th time to customer service, we were told that Bell does not take responsibility for the malfunction of their devices, and that we'd again have to send them out for repair, and spend 4-6 weeks with a loaner phone, or pay $150 to replace the phones. Both devices have been well-taken care of, cased, screen-protected and compressed-air dust cleaned consistently.

    We contacted Bell, requesting to terminate our contracts without penalty, because of the atrocious customer service, network and reception service, and device issues that Bell refused to take responsibility over. We asked to be reimbursed the $150 we paid for Bell billing us incorrectly. The agent, then the agent's manager ignored us and has told us to pay over $900 in cancellation fees, and has "generously" offered to cut that in half to $450... Is there anything else that can be done?

    I don't think it's fair that we purchase devices we assume will work but do not, and get billed incorrectly, and then suffer through harassment from the billing department, and then to pay $450 in cancellation fees just to get out of it.

    Does anyone have similar experiences with Bell? Please share.
    03-28-12 10:16 PM
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    The CSR rep telling you that it is a software issue and that you had to wait was a very unprofessional thing to say. If that was the case, truly was, then I would of got them to extend your return date encase the new bundle came after your warranty.

    those issues sound very much like network issues not phone issues...RIM prides them self with their phones being able to "always be connected" and if this was a known issue it would of been solved right away.

    A lot of the times the departments don't communicate with each other or see each others notes. So the CSR could of put a note on there saying that it is being looked into but the Billing agent would have no idea about it. 7-12 texts a min is very fishy and you'd think they would use common sense to know that this isn't very possible. it more then likely is linked to your previous issue of network doing up and down and the radio in the phone being wonky.

    it does say right in your contract that Bell isnt responsible for any network issues. its a very annoying clause and one we were/are having issues with up here too. the 150$ is based on the extended warranty plan you have on your phones. 150$ is a lot cheaper then dishing out 400-600$ for a new phone.

    over 900$ in cancellation fees is way to much. as per your contract it is a max of 400 fee per line they can charge you, so 450 is a good deal in that scope. unfortunately Bell has horrible customer service even internally i found that it was lack-luster at best.

    i would call back, 1(800)667-0123, and ask to speak with the retention team then ask to speak with a manager. The retention team are the guys that their sole job is to keep you with Bell so if you were to get anything fixed they would be the guys to talk to. Normally when you called and said you want to cancel they would of sent you there but you never know where they truly send you when you get transferred around.

    i personally have to call Bell every month to get my bill fixed as they charge me long distance fees for local calls. its a network known issue that has taken them months to fix and still nothing...

    just keep at it and always remember to stay calm with them no matter how big of an they are. the second you talk out of turn or get upset at them they stop helping you.
    04-01-12 11:54 PM
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    My husband has had nothing but problems with Bell Mobility (we are in BC) shockingly rude customer reps on the phone and they are charging him $600 to cancel his phone service simply because he asked them to separate the cell bill and the tv bill, they say they will but of course they don't and now say they can't. (+ $200 to cancel the BEll TV) it is ridiculous. However the suggestion to talk to a retention team is great advice - thanks. Although I think we are at the point where $800 to get rid of Bell is worth it.
    01-24-13 02:23 PM