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    Has any had any issues with Bell Mobility (or another carrier) in which the Blackberry 9900 automatically switches to tethering?

    I have an unbranded / unlocked 9900 (purchased directly via RIM), and have an unlimited data plan with tethering not included.

    This month, I have used 13 gb of data, of which, 1gb was designated at 'tethering' or regular data on the invoice (not RIM data or Mobile Browser as it looks normally)

    I'm on 7.1, but have never activated the Mobile Hotspot Option, mainly because I have no need for it. And the other weird thing is that the data consumption under the normal 'data' (not RIM data) varies. I have one that shows 3mb of tethering data. I have another one that is 41mb, and then one that is 200mb.

    I do a lot of downloading via the mobile browser (Zip Files via zShare and sites like that), but it's always using the mobile browser that is installed with the blackberry.

    The technician at Bell thinks it may be service book issue... so he told me to wipe the device and start from scratch, and that when restoring the blackberry after the security wipe, not to restore the service books.

    Thoughts anyone?
    06-08-12 07:23 PM
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    06-11-12 12:15 AM