1. hnijhar's Avatar
    ive got a torch now and im looking for bell canada service books. my current plan is bell prepaid and there telling me that i have to get blackberry social plan for bbm to work. but another tech said that you just need to get the service books.

    unlimited talk 3-7
    100 mb data

    if anyone has bell mobility service books please upload

    i am willing to guide people on how to TETHER BLACKBERRY TO ANDROID TABLET!!!!
    01-31-12 08:40 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    it wont work

    see where it says add ons on the website?

    Prepaid BlackBerry Social 20

    Unlimited Facebook, Twitter™ and MySpace™7
    Unlimited instant messaging including BlackBerry Messenger7

    $20.00 /mo.

    loading service books will not help you, you will have to pony up the $20 a month to accomplish what you are looking for.

    the 100mb of data is dumbphone browser data not BIS.
    02-20-12 01:52 PM