08-27-13 12:21 PM
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    Hard to convince companies to pay for a license when Google doesn't charge you
    Microsoft has patent licensing deals with almost all major Android OEMs. They may not pay Google, but they pay to use Android.

    If Nokia switched, they'd probably have to end up paying up as well, and I doubt Google would support Nokia (monetarily) the way Microsoft has been.

    Additionally, Nokia has allowed Samsung to become way too ubiquitous to really even think about jumping on the Android bandwagon and trying to compete. You do realize that Nokia jumped on the WP7 bandwagon back when the original GS was in development/being released. It has been about 3 years since then. A lot has changed.

    They are better off sticking it out with Windows Phone and dominating that market, IMO.
    08-27-13 07:31 AM
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    I agree with your points

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    His points are dumb. It's not just about the App store. It's also about services as well. Ecosystem means being able to get everything from one source. This goes for PIM, IM/VoIP/Video Calling, Productivity, Cloud Storage, Gaming Services, Media (Music, Videos, eBooks, etc.).

    Microsoft is way superior to Blackberry when it comes to services All BB10 has is BBM, and that pretty much is non-factor in the grand scheme of things (and it doesn't even matter that it isn't coming for WP8 this summer).

    Users just know that when they sign into a Microsoft account they get all of that with one login, similar to Google and Apple services. On a BB10 device they have to do services comparisons and hopefully the apps are available and run decently well. You don't have to worry about that form those other platforms. All the expected services are bundled in and well-integrated into the OS. It also allows the OS developer to do things that 3rd party apps do not do, like what Microsoft is doing for SkyDrive and Bing in Windows 8.1, and how Apple integrates iCloud features into Mac OS X.

    This "All In One" kitchen sink approach is what persuaded iPod users to buy an iPhone, and persuaded those users to buy a Mac, Apple TV, etc. The same way it is advantageous to stay within the Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox ecosystem if you find those services attractive.

    It goes way beyond app stores. BB10 can have 1 million apps but I'd still steer clear from it because I am not the type of person that wants to juggle multiple log-ins for multiple services to use on a smartphone, when other OSes bundle all those services into the sign-in account. It also makes the device less complicated to set up and use for the end-user, as well as easier to get support for (if something isn't working you know exactly who to go to for help, and where).
    08-27-13 08:06 AM
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    I take a picture on a Z10 and it gets synced to Dropbox, Google Drive etc. They are not only better at their services than Skydrive but FAR MORE POPULAR already.
    Purchase music on Amazon, Google eyc and.you can access it on your phone, right away.
    Your Windows RT game won't even run on a Windows Phone, forget Windows 8, unless you re-purchase it for EVERY MS PLATFORM OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it's a truly pathetic ripoff scheme, nothing else, the whole game sync point is idiotic when you realize this.

    There are a lot more examples how it's really not only NOTHING UNIQUE to MSFT but beyond that the short.of.it is that.you're wrong: it is NOT a real ecosystem (a' la Android) and DEFINITELY has little to do with BB's craptastic past half a year.

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    You are completely missing the point.

    1. There is an RT version of that game, which runs on Windows 8 desktop machines. Windows 8 includes the full Windows RT already. RT is just a paired down version for ARM tablets. If you get an x86 tablet you don't want RT, you want Windows 8 at least, Pro if you are a business user. Game Sync is great when you factor that in. There can also be an Xbox 360 or One version of the game, which can load the save data as well. There is also the whole Xbox Live thing as well, for which Blackberry has no equivalent.

    2. Those services are native to the platform. You use Microsoft's services on their OS. The same way you use Google's services on Android/Chrome OS and Apple's services on iOS/OS X. There is no need to seek 3rd party solutions. Support comes from one place. They are deeply integrated into the OS.

    SkyDrive is already very popular. Have you been under a rock the past few years? As Windows 8's install base grows, it will become even moreso as it's so baked into the OS (very deep in Windows 8.1, coming October 17th). I have a hard time saying Google Drive is more popular than SkyDrive, but whatever :-) In any case, how popular SkyDrive is has nothing to do with this discussion.

    Blackberry doesn't have an ecosystem. They have a shoddy App Store and a shoddy Music Store (do they do videos) with a decent IM service. That's it. A ton of services, even down to the basics like PIM and Cloud Storage (I consider that basic in 2013) have to be outsourced to a third party, and that is a pathetic place to be in at this point of the market maturing. It does lend itself to a rather disjointed user experience and a rather sloppy description (just use your xxx account for this, yyy account for that, and zzz account for that, etc.).

    You have no clue what you're talking about. You're trying to play the semantics game, citing dictionary terms and doing nothing but embarrassing yourself... Stop it.
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    08-27-13 08:13 AM
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    Dude it takes years to scale apps from the PC to a phone. Its very difficult.t therefore that's the reason why they can't put purchases together. They're doing one platform vision. And it seems to be doing fine. Also the store on windows RT and windows 8 are all the same. So purchases can be made on both. From tablet to desktop Apple or Google can't do that because they have different stores. They're just different ways on running things
    Hi Danny,

    Did you see that Nokia reports shipped, not sold?

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    08-27-13 08:50 AM
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    The Operator Problem
    With the mobile market being what it is, a huge portion of worldwide phone sales relies on contracts and operator support. And you dont have to look very hard to see Windows Phones problem with operators: they are not ordering Windows Phone devices, they are not pushing or marketing them correctly anyone remember AT&Ts decision to launch the Lumia 900 on Easter Sunday of all days? and they are not training their store clerks to understand or help customers who want them.

    Put these three together and you can find countless online stories of people who visited operator retail stores to check or buy Lumia devices but were faced with either blank stares at the mention of a particular model, complete ignorance of the product and its availability, or the dreaded we dont have any unit available for sale or demo, along with some very active persuasion from the store clerk or manager to sway their decision into buying an iPhone or an Android device instead.
    According to countless of threads and reports here on CB, the very same accounts for BlackBerry too. Obviously even when people walk into a carrier store, already decided on a particular BB (or WP in this case) device, sales staff very often seem trying to get them to rethink their decission. A situation which shouldn't be underestimated.
    08-27-13 08:57 AM
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    That new OS7 phone is not for the "1st world" countries. I don't get why this is so hard to understand. It may not be as cheap at the pop but over the term of ownership, it is far cheaper due to BIS and the data compression that goes along with it. For those who grab a new phone every year, or those who can afford a higher monthly bill, you're right, but I used to get by with a 500mb per month plan and not once did I even come close to using it all. The phone has it's place and purpose so see it for what it is.... A solution for those who need it and want it, both consumer and enterprise.
    android got opera mini and other data compressing browsers. why would they get a phone that's like 2-3x more expensive? they can buy a cheap android headset for like 100 dollar and get every app they can think about.

    what BB needed was OS10 in a cheap headset with a lot of apps if they wanted to even win the 2nd and 3rd world countries race. sooner or later everyone will have cheap android headset if BB doesn't come up with something fast
    08-27-13 12:21 PM
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