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    Nielsen Data

    Nielsen (the ratings company) did a report on mobile device consumers around the world. Nielsen found that only 2% of U.S. smartphone buyers cited a "wide choice of applications" as "top selection criteria" when buying a mobile device.

    Further analysis of Nielsen's full report reveals what users do with their smartphones. The three most common tasks were text messaging (93% of users), email (68% of users), and web-surfing (66% of users). TheBlackBerry 10 platform is optimized for these three tasks and with a single gesture users can navigate between them.

    The fourth most frequent use of a smartphone was for social networking (63% of users). Facebook (FB), Twitter, Linkedin (LNKD), text and BBM messaging have built in apps on the BlackBerry 10. With Skype, Oovooand many other platforms available to download, the vast majority of users will have all their social networking needs met with a BlackBerry 10 device. The fifth most frequent use of U.S. smartphones was for applications/apps (62% of users).

    There seems to be a growing consensus that BlackBerry 10 is performing as well as could be expected in all markets entered thus far. At the same time, a genuine doubt has developed regarding BlackBerry 10's possible success in the U.S. marketplace.

    I see this latest research by Nielsen as changing the perceptions. It opens the door a little wider for BlackBerry to walk or perhaps squeeze through. While U.S. consumers may not run into a store knowing they will purchase a Z10 - the Nielsen information regarding consumer tendencies can readily be used by sales associates to demonstrate how this particular phone can meet their needs. A satisfied customer and word of mouth advertising might open up doors for BlackBerry that analysts have been unaware of.

    The viewpoint expressed by Walt Mossberg and others (that a lack of apps would hurt BlackBerry10's chances in the marketplace) were personal viewpoints that were repeated so many times as to become accepted as fact. The Nielsen data based on consumer research throws significant doubt on this point of view.

    While Nielsen's data may or may not reflect how consumers will ultimately behave in the marketplace, it would seem to carry more weight than one man's opinion.
    BlackBerry 10 Built For Success In U.S. Markets - Seeking Alpha
    03-01-13 07:57 PM
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    It is interesting, personally out in the wild. I've never seen anyone skypeing! NEVER! My guess, they do that at home, on their computor. Go figure!
    But we all know its a must have, do or die!
    03-01-13 08:33 PM
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    Lol...yup, my hope is they have the three major wish list apps ready for the US launch (Whatsapp, Netflix and Instagram)...will go a long way in helping for sure.

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    03-02-13 12:11 AM
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    You dont need stats to know any of these things.Social apps are teh major draw of phone and apps.BB sorts out the social apps and the phone will sell.The converst are already happy switching and using teh new paradigm.Thats without apps with the apps yes instagram,skype or whatever many more will be happy.I dont think anyone skypes on their phone not on phone network anyway its laggy already on desktop thinking about doing it in the city on transport on the move and phone networks would be funny to look at.Its certainly a tablet,pc app.

    Get the social apps and there will be less talk of apps.That is the only argument left for the haters.Humans have a foolish tendecy to have more than what is needed.Thats why you see app reviews vids with them flicking through pages of apps,Yet when you see the homescreen the real apps they actually use amount to 10 at most and its the social apps.
    03-07-13 04:10 PM

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