02-17-14 02:32 AM
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    Your experience with the initial release or with 2.0?

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    It was the initial release. It worked well for about two weeks, however a white blank page would appear every time I entered the app, not to mention I kept getting notifications from groups that I left. BBM on the z10 ran flawlessly. I haven't read up on bbm 2.0 for the iPhone. I may give it another try (if they added channels, and fixed the bugs/kinks).

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    02-17-14 12:01 AM
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    They did add channels.

    So far friends that deleted the initial launch on their iphone4s due to bug annoyances seem much happier with this version.

    They've been pretty surprised with the addition of bbm voice and glympse as well.

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    02-17-14 02:32 AM
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