1. bimini's Avatar

    i was just wondering about the actual media coverage.
    All the news was about the smartphone buisness and blackberry services. I never read something about QNX.
    I found a source which says that QNX and Embedded Windows has together a market share of 75 to 80%.
    Isn't that anything worth. I mean there are a lot of cars driving around with QNX. Is Blackberry making money with qnx?
    Why is everybody talking just about the smartphone biz?

    What is the future of QNX?

    greeting bimini
    09-25-13 06:12 PM
  2. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    The future of QNX is the same as it was before BlackBerry acquired the company. Continued embedded systems support and development.

    Don't let anyone fool you into thinking a BB10 phone can connect more easily to the embedded world around us because BB10 runs on the QNX kernel
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    09-25-13 06:14 PM
  3. heymaggie's Avatar
    It's a low margin business. I'm not sure I'd even want to be in the car infotainment business given how much people are doing on their smartphones like streaming music, nag, video, searches, etc. I know I won't be buying a nav/stereo system on my next vehicle. I just need an AUX plug, thank you. If I buy a $30 dongle then I have bluetooth audio.
    09-25-13 06:19 PM
  4. anon1727506's Avatar
    We don't know what QNX is since BlackBerry bought them, they get wrapped up into one catagory with all other software and services. But while they make a product that is used in millions of vehicles, it is a very basic building block in most cases with historically very low margins. I would think that they have increased their revenues from the $50 M they were bringing in a few years ago... but not really by much.

    BlackBerry paid $200M in 2010 - but they were DESPERATE for something to use to create their new OS. I imagine that in today's market, Fairfax might not get that much.

    I agree in a few years the interface we see maybe an extension of our mobile devices - or some "cloud" version. Really think that at some point we are going to have a "cloud" OS that will travel along with us and to be displayed on different types of devices. Phone, Tablet, Car Interface, Work Desktop, Home Desktop, TV.... and we will be able to customize each "display" to show the information most relative to that display.

    That said, the Car will still need it's own OS to "run" the hardware and to provide information to your choses display. So embedded OSs like QNX will be around for a long time.
    09-26-13 09:08 AM
  5. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    I found a source which says that QNX and Embedded Windows has together a market share of 75 to 80%.
    Embedded systems is a very low margin, commodity-like business. Don't think for a second that the car manufacturers are dependent on QNX. Raise the price even a little and switching embedded OSes is pretty effortless, unlike our smartphone and PC OSes. For this reason, QNX has little value.
    09-26-13 11:11 AM
  6. njblackberry's Avatar
    And QNX can run on many, many platforms and devices, just not a Playbook.
    09-26-13 11:16 AM
  7. danprown's Avatar
    Dan Dodge is probably shopping the company under the table...
    09-26-13 01:12 PM

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