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    Interesting comparison between BBRY and other highly shorted stocks such as GMCR, NOK, TSLA and FSLR

    The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry

    To begin with, short interest in the stock did not increase since 4/15/2013 and has remained constant at around the 164 million level. At the same time however, the stock is near its recent highs and has not bulged at all. But there is one big difference that characterizes Blackberry's stock from all the other stocks mentioned.

    It is the only stock that has increased in price over the past several months, while short interest in the stock have increased.

    We have not seen any short covering yet, but since Blackberry shares have been rising while more and more short sellers are piling in, what will happen if and when short sellers decide to change course and cover?

    My guess is something along the lines of Tesla, Green Mountain Coffee and First Solar put together.

    The Fate That Awaits BlackBerry - Seeking Alpha
    05-10-13 01:37 PM
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    I'm hoping

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    05-10-13 01:42 PM
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    I'm long BB and have total confidence in the management.When will BB's true value be acknowleged is anyone's guess,all the short talk makes it hard for an investor to buy the stock because so many people speak negatively about it ,the truth will come out soon enough,will they cave?probably not .Some other teck company wants BB cheap and has deep pockets ,I suspect they are behind all this abnormal shorting
    05-10-13 01:58 PM
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    Posted here as well: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=666490

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    05-10-13 02:00 PM
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    That, friend, is unnessesary
    I'm hoping

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    05-10-13 03:42 PM

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