06-16-13 08:41 AM
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  1. sosumi11's Avatar
    Right. Oh wait, what's this?
    This was published in error while updating his bio. From your article....

    But news organizations routinely prepare obituaries in advance, even for the healthy. And if Bloomberg readers had seen the internal story slug, "testjobs," their jitters might have abated.
    04-13-13 12:30 AM
  2. hurds's Avatar
    This garbarge has been steadily streaming out of the media for quite some time.

    They just keep looking more stupid by the day. BB has turned the corner, they are back in black and have only scratched the surface on what they have coming so these media outlets attempts to 'destry BBR' have failed miserably.

    The most recent release from Detwiler could be the tipping point. Its beyond absurd and BB is no longer sitting back. They've turned the corner and its no longer time to rope-a-dope. Its time to strike back and they have. Should be interesting.
    04-13-13 01:00 AM
  3. BBInPlay's Avatar
    I see a lot of emotional non investor comments. These guys who are trying to bring bbry down are no better than the dozens of others who are trying to increase bbry stock with their outlandish claims. I hope most of you realize none of them really care about bbry just to make money. These dump articles are just as bad as the pump. And the over zealous pump guys are doing just a disservice to shareholders as the dump ones. Market manipulation isn't good just because you hold shares and it benefits you when a analyst tries to artificially inflate sp
    Pump? The stocks is $5 below book value with them now turning a profit. You make as much sense as the analysts. None.

    Posted via CB10
    04-13-13 01:15 AM
  4. Fret Madden's Avatar
    This was published in error while updating his bio. From your article....
    No kidding. The point was, his death was being discussed before he died.
    04-13-13 02:50 PM
  5. anon(4275744)'s Avatar
    I've put this link out there, in several threads. It makes complete sense!

    04-16-13 12:55 AM
  6. aniym's Avatar
    Heins must go to bed with a big smile on his face each night. He lays off 3,000 employees while getting paid $10.2 million to kiss Up to US carriers and say there are no problems in their promotion of BB10. All the while safe in the knowledge that there are several fan boy chumps on Crackberry ready to defend the company against any and all criticism for FREE.

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    04-16-13 01:06 AM
  7. anon(4275744)'s Avatar
    Read this on CBC news today :

    The new BlackBerry touch-screen smartphones are not being returned at an unusually high rate, despite suggestions to the contrary, according to an industry observer who has completed his own checks.

    Jefferies telecom analyst Peter Misek, who has watched the BlackBerry company for years, says he considers the number of new BlackBerry Z10 phones being returned by customers "normal" for a new phone launch.
    04-17-13 12:10 AM
  8. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    Anyone ever think the stock might be down due to random rebooting with no fix in sight?
    among other things,,, but hey why not do a corporations work for them after you you paid them for a phone,,, as a stockholder, YOU should DEMAND that THEY get out there & fix what's wrong,,, not just w/ the phone but, what's wrong w/ false misleading info, & their p!ss poor marketing as well,,, & just a thought,,, i wonder if any major BB shareholders are shorts themselves,,, now there's a conspiracy theory for ya...
    04-17-13 01:10 AM
  9. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    I think reporting these so called experts to the SEC and OSC is far harsher than anything I could do.

    Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10
    that wouldn't do a thing,,, they'd exchange cash loaded handshakes, have a few drinks, & come morning it's the same ol' ****...
    04-17-13 01:14 AM
  10. nhanken's Avatar
    We should just find all these guys and break their fingers so they can't type

    Posted via CB10
    Sew their mouths too so they can't talk trash

    Posted via CB10
    04-17-13 01:34 AM
  11. mohd razif mahmud's Avatar
    I second

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    04-17-13 01:34 AM
  12. docgasberry's Avatar
    I think we should form a group and initiate a class action lawsuit against these firms and individuals who spread bad rumors about Blackberry. They want to create a negative perception. And that matters. All the individual shareholders here should band together and file a class action lawsuit and in the discovery we will see which BBRY bashing firm is getting paid by which short seller and which competitor.
    This is ridiculous how they have ganged up against BBRY.
    How are we doing in this fight?
    06-16-13 08:41 AM
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