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    1. Don't bother making any real product, just put all cash into a holding and buy NFLX, GOOG AND TSLA. All we need it seems is to pay hollywood in making Thorsten a product placement in their movies or make a movie about Blackberry HQ with washed up comedians.

    2. Fire everyone(all those 5 people working at BB) in Canada and move to USA so Wall ST gives a **** about Blackberry.

    3. Have a PR troll the Media and counter every argument live on TV and counter every critic on bad reviews and question their motives.

    4. Release positive news that has no relevance to the present.

    5. Thor should convert to Judaism and have a big star of David on his chest, so that Goldman Sachs and other "bankers" stop bashing your stock because they know Canadian government is filled with half-men with no balls who have nothing better to do than complain about language issues. Bonus: Get Wall St Gordon Gekko raiders to pump your stock, aka Carl Icahn.


    Plan B:

    Delist yourself from NASDAQ.
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    05-31-13 01:54 PM
  2. MasterOfBinary's Avatar
    Why would they fire Alicia Keys? She didn't do anything.

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    05-31-13 01:58 PM
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    Time for blackberry to fire alica keys and hire elon musk.-1336370832455.jpg
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    05-31-13 02:00 PM
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    Why would they fire Alicia Keys? She didn't do anything.

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    05-31-13 02:04 PM

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