1. nsurace's Avatar
    Blackberry stocks today have lost 5% and the trend seems going down! the sales of Z10 seem to be going well and then what does not convince most investors do you think?
    02-22-13 04:23 PM
  2. djenkins6's Avatar
    Investors trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-13 04:31 PM
  3. peter9477's Avatar
    Real investors aren't really paying any of this much attention right now, because nothing has happened since launch that would change their minds about things. They're certainly not going to listen to a few stray analysts -- no matter their leaning -- and make snap decisions at this point.

    Speculators, on the other hand, well... they might be jumping every which way lately, since the stock is crazy on a day-by-day basis.

    Real investors, however, either bailed out months ago and went elsewhere (if they had zero confidence in RIM), or they invested in the belief that RIM was going to launch on time as promised, they saw that promised fulfilled, the phones initially well received, and now they're waiting patiently for further real news, possibly not expecting it before the earnings report in a month.
    02-22-13 04:56 PM
  4. nsurace's Avatar
    In fact, I agree with you, I believe in BB10 and I will certainly long on stocks
    02-22-13 05:05 PM
  5. silversun10's Avatar
    i don't care whether you want to buy stock for the long term or shorter term, in my book you are a speculator either way,
    and for the record there is nothing wrong with speculating, as long as you know that what you do is speculation.........
    02-23-13 07:00 AM
  6. dr0800's Avatar
    The bottom line is that any trading in a Tech Stock is a casino. There is just no reason to the behaviour of the stock and seems based on what investors think the stock will do in 6 months rather than what the stock is worth at the moment. Personally I believe BBRY remains a solid company, there's just no reason for this stock to be hovering in the low teens.
    Last edited by dr0800; 02-23-13 at 12:06 PM.
    02-23-13 11:49 AM
  7. BThunderW's Avatar
    When the stock is tanking, it is giving you an opportunity to buy more for cheap.
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    02-23-13 11:54 AM
  8. Bbnivende's Avatar
    When the stock is tanking, it is giving you an opportunity to buy more for cheap.
    Yes I agree it is cheap. Downside risk is about $5 a share, upside potential is up about $12 a share by Dec 2013 ( gut) . I had a fun goal of making just enough $ to get a new phone, did that , but haven't figured a way to sneek the Z10 into the house... perhaps the Q10 for my 9900.
    02-23-13 12:38 PM

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