12-23-14 04:53 PM
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    Call rbc I think it's more of your account and not BlackBerry, are you able to log in from a computer? Your account may have been blocked.

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    12-10-14 11:23 PM
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    Hey guys...


    I upgraded my z30 to on the weekend. Today, for a lark, I thought, why not see if I can get the RBC Wallet to work.

    Back in November, I tried but it wouldn't work. My phone was on back then. I called the RBC 1-800# and they set up a "support ticket" for me. After about 3 weeks of looking into it, they concluded that it wasn't working cuz my Z30 is an unlocked device that was previously locked to Telus.

    Well, long story short is I'll be tapping my Z30 on tappable pay terminals till the cows come home!

    Woohoo! Way to go BlackBerry!!!

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    12-23-14 04:53 PM
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