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    08-02-13 02:06 PM
  2. DivideBYZero's Avatar

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    08-02-13 02:28 PM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    Why keep posting negative articles? just let them die and not give them the "page hits" they are going for
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    08-02-13 02:53 PM
  4. ccbs's Avatar
    I think we should discuss the key points instead of whether it is positive or negative. BBRY brought it upon itself to be in the sorry state today. There is no argument that they need to do something to get out of it. While this article argues that it is too late for BBRY to get out of the hole, I am waiting for a buyout at the $16 range.
    08-02-13 04:47 PM
  5. sgt50's Avatar
    Someone change my header it did say not so rosy Article

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    08-02-13 05:32 PM

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