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    Airtel unveils BBM bundle for smartphones
    Lagos Leading Telecommunications service provider, Airtel Nigeria, has become the first service provider to create a special Blackberry Messenger (BBM) bundle for the teeming number of Nigerians who now use the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iPhones.This bundle provides great opportunity and access for Airtel customers to chat with friends, family and loved ones, as much as they want with the monthly plans, which allow unrestricted data usage for BBM-related activity within a 30-day subscription window.

    The Airtel special BBM daily plan attracts N100 charge; the Weekly plan goes for N200 while customers can activate the Monthly plan for N300. All these plans enable customers enjoy a full month BlackBerry Messenger access.According to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Airtel, Deepak Srivastava, the newly introduced BlackBerry Messenger Bundle for Smartphone, which is coming less than a month after global launch of service, affirms the companys innovativeness and customer-centricity.He asserted that Airtel is always swift in its response to impact customers with the latest technology trends, especially those that provide them great telecoms experience.

    The demand for BlackBerry Messenger on smartphones is unprecedented and as a company that thrives on innovation and customer satisfaction, we had to be swift in providing our customers with added value and further delight their BB service experience with the BBM bundle plans. In addition, the offering will enable our customers to experience the efficacy and robustness of Airtels 3.75g service, he said

    . - See more at: Airtel unveils BBM bundle for smartphones - Vanguard News
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    11-15-13 02:02 PM
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    That's very good.
    11-15-13 02:30 PM
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    I'm curious as to how they can limit usage to just BBM and restrict everything else, seeing as there is no BIS filter anymore and it's simply a TCP connection.

    If this can be done, I can see many other Telecom companies jumping on board in emerging markets.
    11-15-13 02:34 PM
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    I'm curious as to how they can limit usage to just BBM and restrict everything else, seeing as there is no BIS filter anymore and it's simply a TCP connection.
    I visited Airtel's website and it is confusing. On one hand they offer a Whatsapp 'bundle' which allows unlimited whatsapp, for a small fee, and it is outside of, and in addition to, normal data usage. With BBM however, it seems to be entirely independent of any other data plan.

    10.What is Airtel Nigeria offering?

    The opportunity to take up a bundle plan at very affordable rates just for BBM alone!

    11.Can the bundles above be used for other internet activity?

    No, only the basic text and file sharing is possible via the BBM Bundle.

    12.Can the bundles above be used for other BlackBerry activities?

    No, any activity outside of (12) above will be charged from an existing data allowance (where available) or from the main account.

    13.With a normal data bundle, can the BBM Application on an Android device still be used?

    Yes. This is possible.

    14.Are the plans above applicable for Prepaid and Postpaid customers?

    The monthly, weekly & daily bundles are applicable for prepaid customers while postpaid customers can only take up the monthly bundles in due course.
    Airtel Nigeria
    11-15-13 02:59 PM
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    I believe that Airtel is able to do this via the fruits of another Waterloo tech company's labour: Sandvine.
    11-20-13 08:14 PM
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    So do carriers in some developing markets still sell BlackBerry "Plans" for BB10 devices not on BIS?
    11-25-13 08:24 AM
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    I was on a website yesterday (can't remember which one) and there was a web ad from Airtel (looks like it bypassed adw blocker :P) where they were promoting BBM

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    11-25-13 08:44 AM

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