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    First off I am a shareholder, I own a Z10, I purchased it when released in the states and for the most part I love the OS and the device.

    I have a problem with BBRY and it's lack of promotion of these devices, some know of them a lot do not or do not care to own because of bad mouthing from the media, had a friend of my son's at the house last night, he asks if I had the new BlackBerry I said yes, he said he went to the local AT&T and could not figure out how to use it said he got stuck on camera screen and asked the person working about the phone they did not know, I consider that a lost sale on BlackBerry, AT&T sell a lot of devices and I do not expect them to know all about every device, but properly trained could prevent this, he wanted the device but did not get it due to this.

    Apps, I'm not a big app person, but there are apps that I do need and want, and I'm not talking about sideloading, to me it's crap and is buggy, need more native apps, this has been talked to death and there is a reason for it!

    Marketing, bottom line fire all of your marketing personel, and hire an outside marketing firm, sit down with them show and tell about the Z10, Q10 and Q5, explain the OS and have them build a kick *** campaign.

    The 9720 all I'll say is WTF.

    The A10, Z30 or whatever it's going to be, why, yes I know some want a bigger screen blah blah blah, if you would have developed the PlayBook like you promised you would not have to build this oversized Z10, and by the way you pissed off a lot of BlackBerry loyals with that move, if tablets are dead then why are schools adopting them, hospitals and the like?

    I love blackberry and will probably never leave, but the management needs to get focused on only a couple of BB10 devices, and work overtime on the apps and OS, market the hell out of it because word of mouth will not get it done, say what you do and do what you say!

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    08-04-13 02:33 PM
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    I agree with you on everything you said. One big issue I have with sales reps at kiosks is that some of them are not knowledgeable about BlackBerry devices (again, I know they can't know everything, but it's a newly-released phone: wouldn't their employer want them to know about it so they can sell it?(. And besides, sales representatives get commission off the phones they sell, so wouldn't they WANT to know as much information about phones as they possibly could? For example, I was with my mom at a Rogers kiosk, and I asked two workers, "Can the Z10 work in landscape mode - or if you turn it, would the screen adapt?" One guy just sat there and said, "Uh... I don't know." And the other, who was nice, looked it up. But seriously? If a PlayBook can do that and is touchscreen, the Z10 which functions like lots of other touchscreen devices probably has that feature. I was just really disappointed. I had a feeling it did do that, but I wanted to know. So your story about your son's friend not getting a BB10 device does NOT surprise me. I mean, it does a little, but it shouldn't.

    Marketing is terrible. Their commercials are long, uninteresting, or they just overstate everything. I love the "motion" one, where everyone's doing stuff with their BB10 and there's a guy sliding on a soccer field; but why can't they just have a commercial like this: some person's on a jungle safari, doo dee doo, walking around, and all of a sudden - BAM! A raptor jumps out of a bush! Everyone screams! "Raptors don't exist!" "But there's one right there!" "Well, RUN!" "WAIT!" "Why?" "I have to take a picture to show paleontologists everywhere!" And he or she grabs out their Z10, Q10, or Q5, swipes up to unlock, taps the camera icon, and BAM! Picture taken. Then they all run off screaming.

    You may not like that idea, but still, something with humour and shows off the amazing functions the phone has would be great. We do need more apps, as well, so hopefully that gets sorted soon.
    08-04-13 02:54 PM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    I'm seeing BlackBerry ads pretty regularly on TV now.

    The whole launch was mishandled - which lost them a lot of momentum.
    08-05-13 08:34 AM
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    You've hit the nail on the head!

    Posted via CB10
    08-08-13 07:48 AM

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