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    Below is a link to a CBS quick review of the Russian Yota phone. The last 5 seconds are priceless. Gayle King says she will stick with her Blackberry!!!!!

    Dual-screen YotaPhone: Gimmicky or next big thing? - CBS News
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    01-02-14 06:52 PM
  2. Shanerredflag's Avatar

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    01-02-14 07:09 PM
  3. EchoTango's Avatar
    Yes, but the disapproving looks from all the other folks on the panel made her look like she had some form of cancer.......

    The sad times we live in........
    01-04-14 02:42 PM
  4. Undbiter65's Avatar

    "We are truly alone, the scars on your heart are yours to atone" (BBM#18)
    01-06-14 03:32 PM
  5. Blacklatino's Avatar
    LOL. Cool.

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    01-10-14 11:39 PM

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