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    The game is not over yet!

    BBRY is not broken and is not asking for special protections at all!
    The company should address these issues immediately:

    Calling Top Management, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and everybody affected to discuss immediately all issues and the biggest problems that BBRY is facing and have the strong willingness to attack them immediately, with no sacred cows or untouchables.

    Adjust all personnel as needed only, cuts where can be done but increase the area of customer service!
    Top goal is to deliver profits to the shareholders urgently!

    Is survival and finding the road to prosperity, or Chapter 11 down the road if BBRY continues piling losses and not reacting to reality!

    Calling AK to discuss her moving out but maybe been able to contribute to future AD campaigns.

    Getting the new absolutely the Best Marketing and PR team on board ASAP.

    Collecting over One Billion Dollars every month there is no reason to deliver losses and less to think that the game is over.

    Maybe some people should not be at BBRY any more. Start with the attitude that BBRY is in big trouble and that is needed a Great Plan to fix the problems in a period of lets say 6 months. (remember Marshall Plan in Europe)

    The goal is reduce overall expenses an average of 10 per cent, to be obtained during one year time step by step.

    Put in place the cost cutting plan urgently and give it to all participants and managers!

    Tell every manager to report on a weekly basis the progress done and advise them to either deliver or open their position for somebody else that will do it!

    Renegotiate with the suppliers your current contracts and tell them that BBRY need a 10 per cent total progressive reduction on your total cost in a time frame that one year but asking them to do it in 4 parts 2,5 immediately and the same every other quarter.

    Tell them to find the ways to do it. For survival sharing pains and sacrifice together or lose the client soon!

    Telling the managers that you need to cut all costs 10 per cent or more immediately across the board inn all expenses and to find the areas that can be done now and get also some savings on the must difficult ones.

    BBRY people now should travel coach in flights up to three hours. Nobody will stay in more than 4 Star Hotels, and BBRY should negotiate the best deals with Airlines, Hotels and Car rentals.

    No Resorts and Spas travel paid to anybody and no more Grandeur Parties, including top Management.
    Target and sell all Fix Assets and properties that are not needed and manage cash always as you were spending your last Dollar!

    BBRY should prepare an offer with incentives to workers and managers if success is achieved, some nice stock options.

    From now on BBRY should be the company with the best Customer and User support team, aim to be the very best, all calls answered life, no waiting. If there are delays, a voice should tell Clients how much time they should wait. You should make every customer extremely happy to deal with BBRY. No savings in that service should be paramount!

    You have to solve existing problems and find the way to deliver connectivity to BB10 to your PlayBook as BBRY will never let their customers down, not anymore! Put a time frame there or give the PlayBook customers opportunities to be very happy. I an sure you will find the right ways even if you have to give them a phone of their choice in exchange. BBRY does not leave promises unfulfilled ever!
    BBRY should get some additional advice from their top customers and consider all suggestions in this new time plan!

    Regarding Venezuela, BBRY gets the get help of the right lawyers there. I am sure that the 80 Million Dollars are not lost and could be recovered even if it takes some time. There are ways to work with the government and CAVIDI normally finally authorizes the payments with delays maybe up to one year, but ultimately they will pay! And finally you can't deliver any losses next quarter. Aim at least to 100 MIllion Dollars profit. Do what you have to do to make it happen, and have a great turnaround story at next Earnings Call! F..k the shorts, the bears and pessimists!

    BBRY lost one battle but not the war!

    I Got burned very badly with BBRY, I blame TH and the CFO as they were not by far at the level needed for the Earnings Call. I strongly urge TH to stay away of this calls and send the best communicators and knowledgeable people that they have in the future, as you can't make mistakes anymore talking to some of the sharpest people in the world.

    TH sorry to say it, but you get one of the worst days of your career. Accept the reality!
    Maybe is time for you to move over to CTO and leave your position open for the best person available!
    I hope you learn from your mistakes. There is still time to heal but if you don't listen your reign at BBRY will be soon over.

    Is hard to believe that with persons like Prem Watsa as a Director this mistakes were allowed to happen.
    Some people question if he was one of top short sellers with his friends and related companies. He should come forward on this issues!

    I hope July 9th is the day that make people that love BBRY a little happy!

    Last one! Manage the company as if was in Chapter Eleven. Same concept zero BS and straight shooting to all your goals. No considerations to anybody is to Win or Lose the war! The sun will shine again at BBRY! I really hope I am right!


    I had been one of the best fans of BBRY!

    Good luck!
    07-05-13 01:49 PM
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    And I believe you just posted the same thing three times.

    Interesting, don't you think?
    07-05-13 04:43 PM

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