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    Seems to be a common topic that gets lost in the more general threads.

    I'll start with an obvious one:

    "The Intelligent Investor". ~Benjamin Graham

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    06-14-13 08:39 AM
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    Dundalk pointed out the value investors bible.

    Read all the Berkshire Hathaway annual reports.

    Learn to do discounted cash flow analysis.

    Bottom line is read, read and read. Most likely the important stuff is qualitative, not quantitative.

    There was a he in es interview on bnn a few weeks ago. Al most an hour long. 20 seconds in it mattered. He said that they are past the phase of righting the ship. Thee fear of lack of profit ability is now in the past. Learning to not overlook public statements of importance is a skill to learn. Turn over enough rocks and you find the occasional gem.

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    "One Up on Wall Street". ~ Peter Lynch

    It worth looking up other books by Peter as well.

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    "Quantitative Value" by Wesley Gray and Tobias Carlisle will show put some good investing theories into your head.
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    06-14-13 09:54 AM
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    Maybe somewhat off track, but :

    "On Competition". ~ Michael Porter

    IMO more than understanding markets, you should understand what it takes to get and keep a competitive advantage.

    Porter is easily the best mind for this sort of analysis.

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    06-14-13 11:06 AM

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