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    Just last week I showed off my Blackberry Z30 to my brother who manages and trades some multi-million dollar portfolios. He was very impressed and said with the new CEO he thinks this company has a future. He took a position on Friday, and called me today to have a look at how BBRY is doing. I don't know how long he will hold on his position in BBRY, but for now he is confident in the CEO and the way things are going. For a stock to go up after reporting loses, is a very good sign.
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    12-23-13 03:42 PM
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    I bought some VERY speculative $6 CALLs on Thursday in front of earnings (expiring that Saturday) and a passel more for January.

    Both hit HUGE; closed the front-months Friday of course, then rolled out of the Jan 6s and into the January 8s this afternoon, costing me less than half of my basis in the 6s (keeping the other half of the basis and a huge profit.)

    If the announcement we are all expecting comes on the new firmware capabilities in the first couple of weeks and it gets picked up by the press you could get a real rocket ride. If not I'm perfectly ok with the half of the basis I gambled with being lost, given that I had monstrous profits in the other two and thus I am only giving up a small fraction of what I made.

    This is the way to play this thing right now IMHO -- define your risk. Buying the stock at $5.50 also was defined risk (you can only lose $5.50!) but I like limiting the potential loss to 30 or 40 cents/share instead; if you get a $1+ move (like we did) you get a triple, where if you're wrong you lose 30 cents. That's much better than the same move where you can lose the entire $5.50 but only make a buck and a half.
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    12-23-13 05:20 PM
  3. TheFrozenCommunist's Avatar
    Lol. People always talk about the several times they've made money in the stock market but never about the many times they've lost money.
    12-25-13 07:56 PM

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