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    One thing needs to happen in the midst of all the bad publicity BB has been getting lately: They have to get time to 'stop the bleeding'. Going private is the only option in my mind. Most of the bad press is really based on the companies stock price, which has been driven by the sales of the BB 10 phones/OS, as opposed to reception(satisfied)customer response to owners/users of the product. Two different things.
    I think most Z10 and Q10 owners would say, the phones/OS iare competitive with just about any other system/phones out there. A few missing hot Apps? Really not an issue of the products themselves, more of BB just convincing these companies to make them native to their system. I think App developers and potential new or returning customers of older BB days is being hampered by all the negative sound bites, and from the consumer stand point, especially younger ones who don't follow the market, these blurbs are being interpreted as bad phones/OS, not the new stuff is off to a slow start and the investors are getting restless.Many iPhone and Galaxy 4 users i have shown my Z10 to say, what a nice phone. Their only hold up? A few Apps, and they keep 'hearing stuff'. Going private, and getting the investors and sound bite blurbs off their back will give them the time they need to really get it off the ground and stop the hour glass mentality. Say a few months down the road, like December or so, and people will be looking to gift cell phones, enough time will have went by where those shoppers would not have 'heard stuff' in a while and apprach it with an open mind. and BB should take advantage of the off sound bite radar time by doing three thing IMHO: 1)Offer a trade in program for older BB OS customers to upgrade to the 10 platform. Half off, or something to that effect. That will bump up 10 customers. 2)Ads showing BB 10 phones up against the competition. Dirty fighting i know, but you can't tell me it did not help the Galaxy 4 put a beating on iPhone. 3)Give incentives to those still on the fence App companies or invest in upstart rivals to those Apps to make them the next 'it' App. (Crackle anyone?). and four(i know i said three. LOL) Promote the HELL out of the Z30 at its launch to the world. I mean that baby should be EVERYWHERE!!!
    08-13-13 02:21 PM
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    IMHO unless there's a BIG change/shakeup in their marketing department, starting at the top, none of your suggested option will work let alone get off the ground.

    The Z30 especially, if released with the current marketing dept at Blackberry, they might as well be dumping devices into the mud...

    Ok.. holding my tongue...
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    08-13-13 02:55 PM
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    08-13-13 10:30 PM

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