1. Tim Stanford's Avatar
    Media hype or opportunity as the race for 3rd place gains momentum.

    Starting the conversation, as Microsoft /Sun Valley themes builds.

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    07-11-13 08:14 AM
  2. nico2004's Avatar

    07-11-13 08:21 AM
  3. BriniaSona's Avatar
    I'd rather a partnership with a Japanese company like Sony or something. Maybe they could put bb10 on the ps4 and vita and stuff.
    07-11-13 08:32 AM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    Here's the basis, mainly stock stabilization, but real deal possible:

    CEO says BlackBerry open to licensing deals, other options | Reuters
    07-11-13 09:21 AM
  5. gooz89's Avatar
    It's been leaked that the PS4 is running Orbis OS a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0


    Although I would want to see BB10 leverage with other platforms I guess that ship has kinda sailed.

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    07-11-13 09:24 AM
  6. webmeister's Avatar
    I've always thought of BlackBerrys as the ThinkPad of smartphones. If Lenovo were to purchase BlackBerry as they did with IBM's notebook and PC business, it would be a good fit.

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    07-11-13 10:28 AM
  7. rudyalexc's Avatar
    Lenovo claims it is the business computer/laptop/etc. Would be a good partnership considering that BlackBerry is considered the "business phone"...
    07-11-13 03:15 PM
  8. meltbox360's Avatar
    ThinkPad and BlackBerry. Hmmm. I kind of dislike Lenovo right now but I can see it fitting together. Maybe an insta boot QNX OS?

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    07-11-13 05:27 PM
  9. Bfalcon1's Avatar
    They need something...

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    07-11-13 06:32 PM
  10. ccbs's Avatar
    Given that this BBRY board, let's discuss what would be the price for buy out. I don't care what Lenovo gonna do with the asset, i is the price that matter. If there is a shareholder vote, I will definitely go for any price over $18.
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    07-11-13 08:23 PM

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