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    Some context concerning MS: Morgan Stanley: Corporate Rap Sheet | Corporate Research Project

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    Do I think others have taken advantage of BlackBerry's weakness..... YES!

    Do I think the STOCK value has been played with to benefit others.... YES!

    Do I think others conspired to convince Mike and Jim to sit around for four years before committing to a new OS... NO.
    Do I think that others sent spies into BlackBerry to slow down the QNX/PlayBook/BBX/BB10 OS.... NO.
    Do I think that those same corporate spies destroyed all research related to the release of the PlayBook so that BlackBerry had no way to determine the effect of overpricing a product, not having a stable and feature rich OS and not have the support of developers would create on a launch.... NO.
    Do I think that others put BlackBerry under a dome for years, which allowed them to lose touch with their market... NO.
    Do I think others convinced Mike and Jim to just abandoned their 80 million users and start a new platform from scratch and somehow expect developer that ignored your 80 million to develop for 10 million.... NO.

    While I do admit that the weakness of the stock and the company as a finical entity is a concern for many current potential BES or BB10 customers, and has had an effect on sales... I think BlackBerry lost most of their big customers two years ago. Very little that has happened after the For Sale sign went up has made any difference to them. And it still basically comes down to not have a complete package...

    At the end of the day the stock price reflects they strength or weakness of a company...
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    What does that have to do with the never ending manipulative (and illegal) practice's of MS....

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    And MS running the IPOs of two direct competitors with a huge anti-BBRY marketing budget (one IPO of which has now failed)? And MS fronting the funds for convicted criminal hedge fund operations shorting BBRY such as SAC capital?

    Sure there were problems at the company, everyone knows that, but you're even more blind if you can't see the Wall Street financial mechanics at work.

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