1. savingblackberry's Avatar
    Blackberry should go private tomorrow, not wait. Or get a strategic partner right away, not wait weeks.

    The wolves will double down on their attacks on Blackberry. You cant get customers, developers, talent when everyone is trashing the company and saying it will be out of business.

    Blackberry is so cheap now, they can get a partner (have a large company take a stake in Blackberry) or a buyout, sooner the better so Blackberry can shine again.
    06-30-13 06:21 PM
  2. der_mit's Avatar
    Totally in agreement with you, I have been saying the same thing for months.
    I don't know how it would work, presumably they would have to buy the shares back, which would drive the price up so it could be real expensive for them, but yeah, it should be an option they should consider

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-13 06:54 PM
  3. anon(4099613)'s Avatar
    I don't think they take their marketing seriously. BB has been a company that didn't rely much on marketing. They were the first and only smartphone around at one point. Now, they've got competition and those guys are putting out major marketing campaigns. BB needs a better marketing department. Their marketing has always been terrible. I'd love the opportunity to work on their advertising and brand recognition. I don't think they have anyone good working on these issues and that's really the problem. . BB has had terrible marketing campaigns that barely make a dent in the minds of users and potential consumers. For example, the hiring of Alicia Keys was a great idea. Unfortunately, it wasn't implemented properly so it didn't make much of a dent especially when she's caught using her iPhone.

    Compare to a company like Apple. Apple spends so heavily on marketing and PR to the point that the level of propaganda drowns out any negative press. Who remembers the lack of copy and paste? Who remembers antenna-gate? No one. Why? Their advertising kills all of that negative noise. They pay for articles. In the event that the problem is too large to drown and/or delete, they had Steve Jobs get up on stage and shuck and jive the audience until their collective brains were mush in Apple's hands again.

    BB has to do more on the marketing/PR front. Get in people's faces. Let them know that they're not just back but they're competitive. They can't win this fight if they continue this trend of - new product that no one knows about.
    07-01-13 08:40 AM

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