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    must convert to english
    Im Gesprch: Blackberry-Chef Thorsten Heins:

    In conversation: BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins
    "We have ramped up our production"
    24.02.2013 Before the launch of the new device spread in Germany Thorsten Heins confidence. Blackberry had to be a better chance than Microsoft, number three in the smartphone business.
    Product Images (2) Readers opinions (1)

    Thorsten Heins, chief of BlackBerry, which is now even Research in Motion

    Mr. Heins, formerly the BlackBerry had the nickname "Crackberry" because its users were addicted to it. Why from the CrackBerry a shop keeper has become?
    This is too flat, for many customers, there are still the CrackBerry. But I admit: Particularly in the United States we have lost the CrackBerry - unlike markets such as India and Indonesia, where we stand up very well today. We were too static, as the market has shifted from companies to consumers. We have for too long remained fixated on the traditional BlackBerry features such as security, battery life, and the physical keyboard.

    Now you hope for a comeback of new smart phones with the operating system BlackBerry 10th Some analysts say the launch in initial countries such as Britain and Canada a few weeks ago was a little underwhelming.
    Since I have completely different information, and you can be sure that we are the sales figures every day watch. We exceed our expectations, and the requirements were ambitious. Before we give out specific numbers, we want to do business but watch for a while.

    There was speculation that the new BlackBerrys were sold out in some stores only because you have kept the offer extremely tight ...
    The fact is that we have been surprised by the positive response. We have now increased our production capacity.

    How much for?
    I will not reveal at the moment. But I can say this much: significant for us and unexpectedly high proportion of BlackBerry 10 devices will be purchased by new customers who previously had iPhones or Android smartphones.

    The new BlackBerry Z10-one of the new products from Research in Motion (RIM)
    Apple's iPhone and devices with the Android operating system from Google dominate the smartphone market. Next is even enough room for a third platform, including Blackberry?

    A duopoly is never a healthy situation. This is true from the perspective of the consumer, but also the network operator that is exactly why are showing great interest in working with us.

    If there is room for a strong number three: Why can not the Blackberry and its competitor Microsoft with its Windows Phone software?
    First of all, we still have an installed base of 79 million subscribers. And BlackBerry 10 offers something that Windows Phone can not, namely, the strict separation of business and personal information. The Microsoft can not imitate times just between evening news and weather reports.

    But it's not a bad sign for you that Microsoft, despite great efforts and good reviews with Windows Phone so slowly progressing?
    Not because we differ much more from the competition. These new devices from Nokia with Windows Phone for example, are not bad. But if you want to differentiate themselves as in the case in the first place with a high quality camera, then I wonder if it is sufficient to herberzuholen users of Apple and Android.

    What, then, is the crucial distinguishing feature of BlackBerry 10, which will make you believe that the user scrolls in droves to you?
    Clearly the BlackBerry hub that can converge all communication services such as e-mails and messages from social networks in one place and can be retrieved with a simple wipe on the screen. In addition, the new BlackBerrys much easier switch between applications. This works quite unlike Apple devices, where you constantly have to press the Home button.

    But many users have become accustomed to not like Apple just such mechanisms?
    I do not deny that you have to go with the new BlackBerry through a certain learning curve. We therefore give great effort to make consumers familiar with the new system, for example, with instructions in Youtube videos.

    Some of the most popular software applications such as photo service Instagram have not been available for BlackBerry 10th Mitigates this deficiency with apps not your chances of success?
    We started with 70,000 apps, which is an impressive number, and it will soon be 100 000. Moreover, the number of apps in itself is not so important. But of course we are working hard to bring us to the most important apps.

    You have about a year ago started a strategic review and called it as partnerships and licensing options, but also not ruled out a sale. Has made any difference?
    The test is still going, but I would say that tonality has changed something because it now are signs that we have supplied with BlackBerry 10 something sensible and good that matters. Insofar as the options could perhaps go in a different direction.

    Does that mean that a sale is more likely or less likely?
    That's a thing of the Supervisory Board, to which I want to make any assessment. We will take us at least for the strategic review for so long until we get a reasonable result.

    What it means for the future of your company, if BlackBerry 10 turns out to be a flop?
    The scenario I was not on the radar screen because the recent sales trends show in a different direction. But even if it would come to this, the fact remains that BlackBerry 10 is a platform that is unparalleled. You would then just have to think in terms of shareholders, what do you do with such values.

    My first foray into the market for tablet computers with the Playbook was a disappointment. They are another attempt?
    First of all, we want to get BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, so that we have uniform platforms. And then we will consider basically a strategy on how we can add value in the tablet market beyond mere hardware. One thing I can say: Our ambition is not sure, one of many in the 199-dollar segment of tablets to be.

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    As your balance falls after a year as a CEO? Their task had the appearance of a suicide mission ...
    It was an extreme challenge. We had to make tough decisions as our savings program. But in the end we persevered because we were confident that BlackBerry 10 can create a counterweight to Apple and Android.
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    Well, there is an interesting piece of news here. BB has increased their production levels since the launch. Another positive sign. I'm looking forward to March 28th. Moving up and forward.
    02-24-13 02:33 PM
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    Thanks for the read.
    02-24-13 02:36 PM
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    the translations made it pretty hard to read why cant they do every itnerview in english :P
    02-24-13 02:37 PM
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    Wow! I love this article, I've learned to do everything now with my Z10 and I'm kinda making my brother jealous, hi hi he and his I phone ;-)

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    02-24-13 02:38 PM
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    nice article. If this is widely spread in the stock news channels it could indicate a reason to rally upwards
    02-24-13 02:41 PM
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    Note the re-confirmation that BB10 is coming to the Playbook.
    02-24-13 02:45 PM
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    Great news, although I'm curious as to whether Heins is referring to the ramp up previously reported in January before the launch. If this is a further ramp, then that would be huge for BBRY.
    02-24-13 02:50 PM
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    Canaccord are going to lose their shorts, pants and shirts. This is going to be interesting.
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    Great news, although I'm curious as to whether Heins is referring to the ramp up previously reported in January before the launch. If this is a further ramp, then that would be huge for BBRY.
    article written today, interview maybe a couple days before that.
    02-24-13 02:57 PM
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    article written today, interview maybe a couple days before that.
    Prelaunch they had to ramp up production from initial 500,000 units. Is Thor saying they had to ramp up production again?
    02-24-13 03:00 PM
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    Yess Heins Said now they are Not sure to sell Parts of BBRY like Hardware factorys because BB10 sell Good.
    02-24-13 03:04 PM
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    This is what I was waiting to hear. Adding to my positions tomorrow.
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    This needs to go infront of crackberry and tweeted...stock is going to rise.
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    Nice article, a bit difficult to understand the questions about selling BB hardware/partnerships... It seems due to the "surprise" success, they are putting plans to sell the company on the backburner and possible partnerships?
    02-24-13 03:12 PM
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    This is what I was waiting to hear. Adding to my positions tomorrow.
    Doing the same!
    02-24-13 03:27 PM
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    This needs to go infront of crackberry and tweeted...stock is going to rise.
    Great Idea! thanks, i've messaged Kevin.
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    I am absolutely elated that he mentions unified OS between tablet and smartphone. This says to me that BB10 on the PLAYBOOK looks to be more of a priority than I thought previously. Awesome. Can't wait to see a new tablet come down the line too. Ill be all over it.

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    the translations made it pretty hard to read why cant they do every itnerview in english :P
    LOL, or the term "genius" under your name is a misnomer. I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
    02-24-13 04:31 PM
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    any german members can translate this for us...it was really hard to read lol and things are usually lost in translation so a second confirmation from someone who speaks the language would help!
    02-24-13 04:35 PM
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    Ich bin froh, BB10 ist kein Flop.
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    02-24-13 04:44 PM
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    Another article - machine translated

    Blackberry-Chef: "Es gibt Samsung, Apple und ein paar andere" - Telekom - derStandard.at

    BlackBerry boss: "There are Samsung, Apple and a few other"
    24th February 2013, 11:13

    All hopes are pinned on a new operating system - hoping to expand small computer
    The former Siemens manager Thorsten Heins has taken over a year ago, one of the toughest jobs in the IT industry - the top job at the embattled BlackBerry smartphone pioneer. At the start of the new operating system BlackBerry 10 spoke Heins (55) with the news agency about his plans, the many doubts about the future of the company and what BlackBerry can learn from Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

    Mr. Heins, also during the new BlackBerry devices to the market suggests that you meet a lot of skepticism. How do you answer the question?

    Heins: "I'm hearing now for almost a year that BlackBerry will not make it I think we have already demonstrated that we can manage the company properly We've set up a new management team, brought a new platform to the market.. are handled properly with the money. Likewise, we would convince the skeptics who say that BlackBerry is now no more important platform. "

    Many see Microsoft with Windows Phone at an advantage in the race for third place in the smartphone market, according to Google's mobile Android software and Apple's iPhone.

    Heins: "I think the question is not so important who the number three, four, or two, the question is for me. Can I win customers that BlackBerry place is so that I can lead a company economically viable. and are there for using BlackBerry 10 pretty good start, I think the case Android is the problem for the providers. How I differ from the other Samsung has monopolized the Android market practically it is not so much a race of platforms?. - there is Samsung with Android, Apple with its iPhone iOS system and then just a few others. "

    But at the moment dominates the Google system Android market, the market share of BlackBerry has fallen dramatically. How are you going to make it, the brand back to get in people's heads?

    Heins: "Since you have now differentiate really: In Germany, for example, our corporate customer business greatly and consumers we are positioned not as strong in the UK the situation is reversed in South America, the consumer business is good we want to convince not only businessmen... but also networked living consumers. Polls show that the brand is very much present in the minds yet. In the U.S., however, because we have lost market share. Because we are late with LTE off and were even with touch-screen devices. We will have a very intensive marketing campaign go to there back market share. "

    It is anticipated that the next big push in the smartphone market will come from emerging markets. And since the moment cheap Android devices are in demand. What do you want to counter the?

    Heins: "I think it is important that we have to have a differentiated offering in countries like China That is:.. Be not the Billigheimer not compete in the market for 150-dollar smartphones Many do not know that China is forecast soon the country will be the world's largest luxury goods market, it is quite a clientele there who can sell you more expensive devices, but we will develop for these countries a portfolio -.. an intermediate segment and then an entry-level segment. "

    They speak of a future, replace in their smart phones office computer use in cars or trains BlackBerry 10 as a platform. How much time do you have for this?

    Heins: "So first we want to be successful with BlackBerry 10 And the first response we get from countries such as the UK, France, South Africa or Canada, are promising, demand is quite high and these next lines for mobile computing... that are built not on in six months to ten years we will look back to say but and. This little device that was once my phone and now is my personal computer And we're not at zero, our system QNX is. represented 64 percent of all cars. In the health sector, we will go in with partnerships. "
    If you are now focusing on companies or consumers as a target group?

    Heins: "I do not know why that is so often portrayed as an either / or we want to have both of them, for example employees of companies are indeed consumers often I see how people get two phones out of his pocket - one... seize privately for work, one. With BlackBerry 10 we. these two devices into one. We want to give people the ability to easily move between these two worlds, and at the same time not to compromise the security of corporate data "

    How important is the support of mobile operators to turn the tide with BlackBerry?

    Heins:.. "Mobile providers see today a duopoly from Samsung and Apple, and the like which do not at all, because it limits their choice - and the choices they can offer businesses and consumers looking for alternatives that reason it is important that we have developed our own platform. Supporting the network operator is immense, they rely on us, as the most recent orders show. Let's see how that proceeds between us and Windows Phone with Nokia. Our advantage but is the basis of 79 million readers. brings the network operators do not lose money and they want it. "

    But your breath is long enough?

    Heins: "I have a damn good breath, last year was a really tough time we had to take out 5,000 people - not because we have liked to have done, but it had to happen easily, but now we're at a point, we where... can look forward now we have something in his hand I tell my men always:... The launch of BlackBerry 10, which was not the finish line, but just the beginning of it now is the race really begins now we're back.. the long haul so I have used in the past year. Now the fun begins. "

    Was there last year, moments when you have given up the most?

    Heins: "So there have been moments where it was very hard, the media being what they are, and we have also given a justifiable criticism - with the shifting of dates or with products that you would maybe have to ripen... There was a time, there were items illustrated above us with grave stones and coffins. This made me then not so personally met, but because of my people. because they see that the families see this, the friends. Such moments where it quickly gone below the belt is that I found it really tough. "

    As the media have dealt with a German chef at an industry pioneer?

    Heins: "I have also been personally attacked unbelievable in the first time that a German Nobody at the top management, who's that at all, and what can the And we have given the best answer, as we have done our job if you?. in football is back in the 60th minute 2-0, you have to eventually continue playing or take Sebastian Vettel That really impressed me because it fits well with our situation:.. against decisive race, right at the start of an accident, he is the direction of travel and what is the boy He turns the mill and gets the title How the -.?. they are not easy, and we did not do well and I think we won the claim, a serious.. to be participants in the market of smartphones and mobile computers. " (APA / dpa, 22.02.2013)
    02-24-13 05:21 PM
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    I am absolutely elated that he mentions unified OS between tablet and smartphone. This says to me that BB10 on the PLAYBOOK looks to be more of a priority than I thought previously. Awesome. Can't wait to see a new tablet come down the line too. Ill be all over it.

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    This is a stroke of Genius on Heins part. The PB tablet in itself is a fine piece of hardware. Why spend tonnes of addtional cash developing an entire new tablet when the current PB is fine? The tooling is in place, the people who make them, still know how to pump em out, and it would be very cost effective to simply bring bb10 to current PB. Even at 2 years of age, the PB is still competitive.
    02-24-13 05:32 PM
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    There must be one dear crout at Crackberry who can translate this?? Google just doesnt do it
    02-24-13 05:34 PM
  25. E_J's Avatar
    An increase in production is always good news, means wait lists shouldn't be too long after launches
    02-24-13 05:38 PM
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