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    A significant proportion of Z10 buyers were from the Android/iOS (?40-50%) platform. This was at a time when the main publicity blitz then probably affected and influenced loyal BB users more. A significant number of BB users (including yours truly) were actually waiting for a true keyboard device, i.e. the Q10. Lets say 50% of potential buyers/upgraders from loyal BB users. If we further discount another 50% from the installed base of 80 million (for whatever reasons), a potential 50% of 40 million users would be 20 million. This points to a pent up demand for the Q10 totally unlike the demand for the Z10.

    This would naturally lead to massive sales number for the launch of the Q10, as being experienced in the UK right now. There is no way the ilk of James F**kette and gang can disparage the numbers nor the publicity. With the Z10s already in circulation, and the interest generated by the Q10, both from paid advert blitz and industry news, there would bound to be increased interest in the Z10. This in turn may even lead to a renew surge of Z10 sales from non QWERTY keyboard users, i.e. more cross overs from the other mobile platforms.

    This renewed Z10 surge together with the new Q10 numbers could potentially cause such interest that BBRY movement may cause one or more of the bigger funds to notice and start accumulating BBRY. There is NOT much free float but LOTS of shorts (164+million. Or the equivalent of the actual free float).

    The launch of the Q10 may, in other words, cause a halo effect on Z10 sales, which can potentially start a BBRY squeeze.

    Just my 2 cents worth
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    Anyone has any idea on where to find the latest Z10 sales?
    05-05-13 10:22 AM
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    Generally you won't hear any sales figures until the earnings report for the fiscal quarter. The current quarter ends June 1 and the report will be June 28. See Investor Events - Canada
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    05-05-13 03:13 PM
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    I agree with what the OP in inferring.

    However, given the now available choice between a keyboard and all-touch, I'll bet we see a strong minority of folks still choosing the all-touch. While the keyboard is critical to Blackberry in the near term, all-touch is the real future of Blackberry and Smartphones in general.

    Blackberry is now positioned with a solid alternative all-touch product and now needs to get the major app players to commit. That will happen only when the BB10 user base hit a certain level were the business case makes sense for the developers or providers.

    Clearly we're not there yet......
    05-05-13 08:32 PM

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