08-26-13 11:44 AM
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  1. bmantz65's Avatar
    Only way a bailout would help is if the money from the government is used to bribe people to buy BB10 phones and top apps.
    08-22-13 02:10 PM
  2. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Lol at the misleading thread title...

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    08-22-13 02:19 PM
  3. earlym's Avatar
    No. No need for it. BB is fine. They have billions of cash! They could open the windows and let some out for advertising and promotions, but they are stingy (frugile). They need a partner, not money! Someone with channels, ad dollars to spend and ideas.

    BB needs to hold over until they can move their patents into the forefront and benefit from those investments.

    They are ready for the 5 years and beyond future, but not really ready for the "now until 2018 future"! They need gimmicky notions that consumers want and they can sell phones and make money. Trust me, iPhones and Droids have surpassed in HW and SW (Apps). Security is next. They have their foot on the pedal and heading for the finishing line. BB needs to do the opposite. Get great HW and SW (apps) and they have security in the bag.

    Plant your foot in the auto industry and the medical sector and stand your ground. BB was here first and is here to stay. The only shaky thing is that BB doesn't want to crack the 3 billion strata by spending millions and not getting any return on ad dollars spent. They are operating out of fear, negativity and tunnel vision.

    Let loose, and let go!

    Go BB!
    08-22-13 02:35 PM
  4. Mike1117's Avatar
    The Canadian government can start by buying a crapload of phones. Let?s go.....what's taking them so long
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    That would help big time. Give the company some sales revenue and increase the number of users.
    08-22-13 02:37 PM
  5. jpvj's Avatar
    BB10 is a fantastic operating system, probably the best out there. The main thing hurting BlackBerry is their public image (mainly in the States) and marketing (which there is plenty of in Canada). Not to mention the big name apps they are lacking.

    I think they are lacking the funds to repair their tarnished image in the states and pay developers to bring more apps.
    Spot on!
    Perception/image is their primary issue.
    What really sucks is that BB10 is a great platform and device: No defective home button, no fragile glass and replaceble battery for heavy users.
    All my BB10 customers are very satisfied and we are working to bring out localized apps (even a simple app showing a mobile version of a web page is enough to satisfy many people).

    Apps is their second issue.
    IMHO Alec Saunders and Marty Mallick are doing a great job and those two and their staff have performed excellent building development tools, community and having lots of apps in the app store.
    BB10 was launched 8 month ago with 70.000 apps ready - world record. Last number I heard from a BB employee was 150.000 meaning about 10.000 per month.

    The app situation is problematic, because it is har to develop for a platform having maybe 0.x % market share (remember the 3% market share equals 3-4 mio BB10 and 65 mio BB devices). This is why the Android runtime was so important: It helped bringing a lot of apps to the platform without the vendors had to spend much time and efforts.
    08-22-13 03:22 PM
  6. QuantumQnx's Avatar
    The current government does not believe in corporate welfare. I think there is a less than 1% chance they offer any help at all.

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    08-22-13 03:25 PM
  7. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    The current government does not believe in corporate welfare. I think there is a less than 1% chance they offer any help at all.

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    Would they really compromise election votes? It would be to their benefit to help BlackBerry if needed.
    08-22-13 03:35 PM
  8. lc474's Avatar
    Government bailouts are rare, and not needed as of yet.
    A low interest loan or tax credit is a more realistic expectation, when that time comes.
    08-22-13 03:38 PM
  9. Dapper37's Avatar
    BlackBerry never needed to be bailed out. They need protection from media and stock market manipulation! Period!

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    08-23-13 01:02 AM
  10. FFR's Avatar
    BlackBerry never needed to be bailed out.

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    Not yet.

    They need protection from media and stock market manipulation! Period!
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    You mean like a mommy?
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    08-23-13 06:04 AM
  11. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    Why would you bailout a company with 70m users and 3b cash? The z10 sales broke records and are very encouraging. Over 120000 apps. The most apps for a os so new. Z10 buyers are flocking from ios and android. There is nothing wrong with bbry. Why would they need a bailout?
    Don't believe Thorsten and crew. According to the last earnings report no one is flocking to bb10. 95%of those apps are a joke, not to mention they cost an arm and a leg.

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    08-23-13 06:16 AM
  12. MartyMcfly's Avatar
    A bail out will not give Blackberry better leadership, a stronger eco system, talented hardware designers, and most of all a better image.

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    08-23-13 06:18 AM
  13. ccan's Avatar
    The best thing the government can do is to use BES10 And order a **** load of bb10's. And they could endorse the software and hardware in the media.
    As for Canadian consumers it is sickening how many Canadians are walking around with iphones and androids. Wake up people. We need to support all local businesses, we are losing all our jobs to 3rd world countries

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    08-25-13 03:21 PM
  14. GTiLeo's Avatar
    at this point what would a government bailout do for BlackBerry, besides give them slightly more time?

    its not like BlackBerry has debt they need to pay off or they'll go bankrupt, they just aren't selling. they have the cash to hold themselves but they need to develop a stranger marketign campaign and need to push out more competitive devices, they need to fight the android vendors at their own spec game, and need to roll out more features to BB10
    08-26-13 12:29 AM
  15. jhowe204's Avatar
    This whole thread is ridiculous. I have no reason to doubt Thorsten's 3 year plan is not on track and I don't know why everyone is so hard on him. It's just a couple more quarters until this company returns to profitability. The Z30 will be a hit and the next Q10/slider looks sexy as well!

    It ain't EZ being greezy on CBZ
    08-26-13 08:05 AM
  16. Blackberry_Boy's Avatar
    A government bailout is not needed. A statement to the effect that BlackBerry is an important company to Ontario and Canada and therefore will not be allowed to fail would go far to encourage those afraid to buy the new phones because they fear they are going out of business to go ahead. Not a dime would need to be put into the company. I hear this rubbish all the time, especially in the US. "Don"t buy! They are going out of business."
    08-26-13 11:44 AM
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