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    Apple's intent has been to run iTunes (Music) as a break-in venture. However, since the introduction of the App Store and Apple's 30% cut, the operating costs are spread out more evenly and thus Apple is probably operating on a 2% margin (Apps) and 1% margin on Music. In this case, it's all about scale.

    I would like to know where they got their info. It's well documented that iOS is dominating.
    Which mobile platform users spend the most?

    Since Apple has a head start of over a decade, it is quite illogical that BlackBerry will be turning a profit on BlackBerry World in the near future not to mention its an exercise in futility trying to guess with almost zero real data.
    Your link does include BlackBerry and appears to be all expenses, not just phone app expenses. We are also talking spending more per user on apps, so the total volume of users is irrelevant (other than providing a larger number of individuals to average).

    I think that RIM/BB is turning a profit, even a small one, from app world, and that this will only increase as more BB10 devices are out there. But we are guessing, and doing projections based on known informaton. While we very well could be WAY off, there is, a small, possibility we are close.
    03-26-13 07:06 AM
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