04-18-13 06:26 PM
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  1. sandyalisoncan's Avatar
    sometimes i wonder how many employees of competitors in all business troll forums about competitor products. i think we would be very surprised to see how companies manipulate things...be it airlines, hotels, etc. etc.
    03-26-13 01:24 PM
  2. ItnStln's Avatar
    Great read.

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    That it was!
    03-26-13 05:55 PM
  3. mmcpher's Avatar
    Omnitech, I am a big believer in paragraph spacing but I've lost the ability to do so for some reason

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    03-26-13 09:47 PM
  4. baalzamon's Avatar
    My personal opinion is old habits die hard. The media has historically used Macs and Apple products. Talking to one of them about using a computer for work is like talking to a rabid squirrel about nuts. "Oh it bolds and underlines... wow that's amazing... oh I don't know what I'm talking about... right because every computer that I have used can do that... oh Apple's don't blue screen... Haven't seen a blue screen since NT 4.0... By the way how do you like Linux?... conversation over."

    This religious-like zealousness that the members of the media that I have talked with definitely applies to the iPhone and the steadfast ridiculousness that is demonstrated with the following of that mobile product.

    I'm learning that most of humanity likes to be uninformed and follow the herd of sheep. It's the mentality that I had when I was two. Googoo Gaagaa that number is bigger it must be better. Actually no. More lines of code in your OS and bigger screens need more hardware and CPU to run the bloatware. (blank stare) That is why you cannot get two days out of your battery on your phone and I can on my state of the art Blackberry Z10. (blank stare) Let me explain it in a way that you will understand... This phone is brought to you by the letters BB & Z and the number 10 and no Snuffleupagus is not real, he's a Muppet.
    03-31-13 12:16 AM
  5. Thomas_M_Cooper's Avatar
    Great read!!!!!
    04-17-13 01:09 PM
  6. OMGitworks's Avatar
    How do you get 2 days on your z10. 10 hours is about my limit?

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    04-17-13 02:19 PM
  7. John Gee's Avatar
    Great read. Excellent summary of RIM s failure to respond to rapidly changing and burgeoning US Consumer smartphone market. It was definitely in part due to the strains of keeping Enterprise customers happy. Incumbents are beholden to existing customers. While new players can makeup new rules.(Consumers are sheep compared to Enterprise users) Plus, RIM's attempts at *not*copying the glass slab approach failed to appeal to the mass market. (let's face it they could not even get a decent browser until the Torch, let alone a myriad of entertainment oriented apps)

    Anyway like many others on CB i have high hopes. But after a month with my z10, i am worried that there are quality issues on the Z10 that need to be addressed. Is this another conspiracy? Probably not. Just bad luck or poor quality suppliers. (something Apple simply will not tolerate)

    There are too many posts to CB forums reporting random reboots and device slow downs to ignore. I have had random reboots for weeks and some other strange behavior recently (i.e. no apps would open after a forced reboot; 2 nd reboot cleared it ) no noticable slow down though... knock on wood. If it persists after the next at&t update, i will go get an exchange. For a new z10.. but only once. then i will probably leave BlackBerry for good. (my wife has a Sony Experia P and it runs like a champ... )

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    04-18-13 06:26 PM
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