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    Have never done this but am pi$$ed at management and feel very unfairly treated compared to their ready acceptance of Fairfax bid plus walk-away penalty.

    Anyone comments re pros/cons of exploring this, or participating in it? It's being initiated in the US and I'm Canadian so am not sure if that will be an issue.

    Thanks - R.
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    10-06-13 09:25 PM
  2. MrGlenn's Avatar
    Disclaimer: I do not know or speak any legalese, but here is what I imagine would happen to you, and to BlackBerry:

    Winning the suit:
    +Pro: you might get some sort of compensation, just for feeling "upset" about making a negative investment-decision a few years ago (by the time the suit ends). The lawyers that started this make a big name for themselves.
    -Cons: BlackBerry loses additional money and takes another plunge towards the end. You will probably need to continue using another OS-platform (Yes, I am counting that as a negative thing).

    Losing the suit:
    +Pro: apparently BB was not (legally) misleading at all, that was just a mispresentation of the facts.
    -Con: you still feel "upset". Maybe even more so, because you just found out you are now part of one of those hilarious US-lawsuit/compensation-efforts you have always laughed about on the internet. The lawyers still make a big name for themselves, while you lose whatever costs are involved in the lawsuit (might be an even more risky investment than BB was).
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    10-06-13 09:57 PM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    Really depends on what your participating will mean.... who foots the bill? If the firm is taking all the risk in expectation of a big payday, then that means they have a lot of confidence in the case. If you have to in the beginning or at points along the way contribute to a "fund" to pay expenses, then you might need to carefully consider this likelihood of success.

    There have been many post in the "I support BBRY..." thread about not making decision on investing based on emotions. I think the same applies to participating is any suites also. Just make sure you know what you are doing - as for a packet explaining the suit and any requirements, then maybe ask a local attorney for advice.
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    10-08-13 09:50 AM

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