10-31-15 06:38 AM
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    Yes. Bringing an over priced Android phone, under spec'ed, under marketed, to an over saturated platform is going to rocket that share price right up! Keeping in mind there are thousands of Android manufacturers many of which happily burn BlackBerry's total worth just in R&D alone. If BlackBerry makes so much as a ripple in the Android pond, the Samsung, Sony and Googles of the world will get serious about Security and wipe BlackBerry out over night.

    But yeah... Maybe you should buy stocks now while they are still affordable.
    Wouldn't a more likely scenario be to buy BlackBerry, finally, after seeing that their patent portfolio DOES have some value? This would cause the stock price to rise, but only by the amount that a purchaser would have to offer the shareholders to get them to agree to "cash out". So, the share price on the TSX being $9.40 CDN today, I figure it could go as high as $10.50 if there is a buyout offer. This will all bear fruit by January or February 2016 I wager.
    10-21-15 12:09 PM
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    I realize there is no actionable premise, but I also know as a holder of only 200 shares I have lost almost 90% of the stocks value in one of the hottest 5 year periods in the history of the market. It's time for the folks on top to step down. BB was always successful as a hardware/ software company.
    I can't help but wonder when I see all the commercials on TV for the latest apps and they say "Available for Apple and Android devices".....

    It wasn't long ago when that tag line said "available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices!"

    How much could one company F**k up SO much in such a relatively short period of time??
    It's a disgrace for people like us that believed in this company.
    Because it got increasingly expensive to QA and support for a third OS. These are not mysteries... only common sense.
    10-21-15 01:49 PM
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    As an BlackBerry shareholder I am feeling that company is destroying value by closing down BB10 instead of selling it to highest bidder. How long it would take to some law company to get this idea and start class action?

    Also, when discussing shareholders value, IMHO BBM should be spin-off.

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    I guess you missed the memo where BlackBerry was open to licensing BB10 and there was no interest. Not sure who this mythical BB10 buyer would be.
    10-21-15 01:52 PM
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    Sad...can someone please pass a taller soap box...

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    10-23-15 11:19 PM
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    I guess you missed the memo where BlackBerry was open to licensing BB10 and there was no interest. Not sure who this mythical BB10 buyer would be.

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    10-24-15 04:10 AM
  6. BCITMike's Avatar

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    It's been said going back to thorstein heinz (back when they said they're looking for buyers that caused a frucus) and said again by chen. Lots of mentions on CB.

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    10-24-15 05:46 PM
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    Don't feed the trolls

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    10-25-15 08:23 AM
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    Even trolls have to eat..... what kinda people are you that want to starve the poor trolls!
    10-26-15 12:14 PM
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    1. I think your discounting that they left BlackBerry and might be happy with whatever device they bought..... Many left BlackBerry happy to get away from them - per JD Power Study a few years ago, BlackBerry had the worst consumer satisfaction rating.
    2. I think your discounting that in the Android market, you have a very short window of opportunity to sell a Flagship phone at full price. By January the new batch of phone will be release at CES.... making the PRIV a middle grade phone. Not sure BlackBerry will be ready to mark the PRIV down.
    3. I think your discounting that there is very little evidence that a keyboard is more than a niche feature in the 2016 market.
    4. I think your discounting that many existing BlackBerry users have no intention of using Android.
    5. I think your discounting that many existing BlackBerry users don't plan to once again be beta tester for a "platform" that could very well see it's support ended in nine months.
    6. I think your discounting that enterprise moves very slowly.... before they decided to go with BlackBerry's new Android device, it might already be too late.
    7. I think your discounting that Chen regards the PRIV as a very HIGH END phone - which will hurt consumer sales if it's more than $700.
    8. I think your discounting that BlackBerry.... is BlackBerry.
    9. I think your discounting how poorly BBM alone runs on Android... putting into question how the BlackBerry Experience suite will work.

    I do agree that if the PRIV is a success, that will signal a path to profits, growth and stability, which is what investors are really waiting for. But as you can see... I don't see the PRIV being a success. Maybe it will be sold for $499 and they'll do a few $100 Million dollars worth of marketing and Carrier co-opting, and I could be wrong.
    Re- 1. Do you have that JDPower Study? Wasn't it about the general brand perception of something? Customer Satisfaction Ratings for BB10 devices and BES 12 are quite high...BBM is mixed

    Re 2 I believe they have thicker margins on the Priv, so should hopefully be able to handle some markdowns. And the more popular it is, the less they have to.

    Re 3. If niche is only a tiny percent of existing Android (and don't ignore Apple) users it could easily mean a triple in the number of device sales for BlackBerry, at this point. Success is relative, when you're currently close to zero, and yet still generating this kind of press.

    Re 4,5. I think Chen has put the "BlackBerry is going bankrupt" myth to rest. I think he's been cautious in public in order to be able to save face, but this really has been his big hardware bet all along, and he's doing it right, in comparison to the recent bb10 device launches (which he likely saw as 'sell more phones lose more money' propositions). He's said his piece, so now that the marketing is rolling out for Priv there won't be any more speculation about ending hardware, it'll all just be in the numbers. And part of that is how thick the margins are.

    Re 6. Yes. Not sure Priv is targeted at enterprise... seems more of a Prosumer or BYOD target, based on the marketing, rather than a fleet phone. I think BB10 will become the enterprise platform, with customized apps etc.

    Re 7. It's been priced at 699 USD to start, so not >700. Maybe you fell for those pre-launch price-leak games.

    Re 8. BlackBerry is Chen's company now, and the Priv is one of his bigger bets, so hopefully he's made sure things on the software side are tight. BlackBerry doesn't really have issues with the hardware side.

    Re 9. People who have a Priv in hand say it's very smooth, but I have similar concerns. BlackBerry can't afford to have any weak points in any of its Android ecosystem any longer, and there will be an expectation to get more of the BlackBerry apps crossed over too (e.g. BlackBerry travel, etc). BBM also needs some focus.

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    10-31-15 01:04 AM
  10. DaSchwantz's Avatar
    And no there is nothing actionable, at least since Chen came on board.
    10-31-15 01:11 AM
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    @ dunt, BlackBerry would first license their version of Android to a 'secure' device manufacturer, perhaps for free, just because that would enable them to sell additional services more easily and because part of the security lies in the manufacturing process.. so current PRIV customers will continue to be supported better than any other customer group in the Android space. Secondly, JC could do a IP deal for their hardware, so Sammy no longer has to sell those awful keyboards. I suggest you spend some time informing HTC customers about their potential lousy buying decision, because BlackBerry is here to stay, in one way or another, with yet another device out offering the best Android experience currently in the market.

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    10-31-15 06:38 AM
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