1. lorax1284's Avatar
    During the dark times (late 2011) when there was talk of RIM being acquired by someone, someone suggested Dell... being fans of both companies, I thought it might actually be a good fit.

    Now with Carl Ichan going hard after Dell, and having been RUMOURED to have interest in BlackBerry in the not-too-recent past (perhaps that was an unfounded rumour started by a rogue "long") I am thinking about this again.

    Carl Ichan has a bad reputation, but would a Dell + BlackBerry + Carl Ichan tie up mean salvation for BlackBerry devices? Could a whole new crop of hardware designed by Dell that run QNX (routers, handhelds, thin clients) bring new revenue and new technology models that leverage BB handhelds and international infrastructure?

    I think so... if done with "ballz" and not timidly: innovative ideas aggressive pricing, top-tier service offerings?

    If I heard that Dell was somehow merging with BlackBerry, I'd be happy, but I bet a lot of BB employees wouldn't be.
    07-02-13 01:03 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I don't think Dell would have the cash on hand to buy BlackBerry, even with BBRY where it is right now.
    Dell is too busy trying to take itself private right now to worry about buying anyone else.
    07-05-13 10:02 PM
  3. the_sleuth's Avatar
    Isn't Dell going private because its own metrics have not been doing greatly in the last few quarters. Michael Dell wants to change the strategy to more services without the volatility of stock price in trying to meet analysts' short term expectations.

    As for Carl, he is not King Midas. He has not always been great for shareholder or customers of the companies he acquires. I still think if BlackBerry wants to go all-in into services and license hardware then IBM might be a good fit for enterprise.

    BlackBerry Shares 'Rangebound': Expert - CNBC
    07-05-13 10:15 PM

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