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    Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Wiseman said he would consider an investment in BlackBerry Ltd. if the smartphone maker decided to go private.

    “It’s safe to say that any large deal in Canada or elsewhere is something that we would make sure we took a hard look at,” Wiseman said in a phone interview today when asked about BlackBerry. “You could say that about that asset.”

    Canada Pension has invested and benefited from technology companies in the past. It more than tripled a $300 million investment in Skype Technologies SA in two years before selling the stake in 2011 to Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) The Toronto-based fund manager had invested in Skype with private-equity firms including Silver Lake Management LLC.

    BlackBerry is considering going private as a way to turn the company around, Reuters reported earlier today.

    Canada’s second-largest pension fund manager had C$188.9 billion of assets and manages retirement savings for 18 million people in every province except for Quebec.

    To contact the reporters on this story: Katia Dmitrieva in Toronto at edmitrieva1@bloomberg.net; Doug Alexander in Toronto at dalexander3@bloomberg.net

    To contact the editor responsible for this story: David Scanlan at dscanlan@bloomberg.net
    Canada Pension Would Weigh BlackBerry Stake - Bloomberg
    08-09-13 12:50 PM
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    All just talk at this point.. there's really no indication BBRY plans to go private at all.
    08-09-13 12:58 PM
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    We should be critical of news that comes out around this topic considering past events, but I trust the integrity of Reuters enough to believe that their source was vetted and is likely someone with knowledge of what the feeling is like on the board.

    Reuters broke the story first, this isn't some slimeball wall st. manipulation story.
    The CPP management also seems to take the possibility seriously, so it might pay off to at least consider it.

    Posted via CB10
    08-09-13 02:34 PM
  4. anon1727506's Avatar
    When I told my kids that were pestering me about something, I'd tell them that I would consider it.

    Their is a big difference in investing in a new and growing company like Skype. And a company like BlackBerry that has had their day in the Sun, and has basically shown that they don't have any thing that consumers want.

    Posted via CB10
    08-12-13 09:49 PM

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