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    Hey there I am just a 14 year old guy and I would REALLY Like to know these concepts?! I know how to code and have created games so don't need to think I am dumb and besides only smart people use a BlackBerry

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    06-25-14 04:06 PM
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    06-25-14 04:07 PM
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    Thanks thurask! But can you explain BlackBerry 's case here! It has some 10.xx blah blah, so what do those numbers mean! And even if we get all the money we invested, back, will we still be getting money?

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    06-25-14 04:20 PM
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    No comment from me about whether or not BBRY is a good investment for you. I can argue for or against buying it, long or short-term buying, shorting - lots of things. The answer to "buy or not?" lies in what kind of investor you are. That's why you must NEVER act on stock tips - listen, make note of the symbol, but evaluate and make a decision based on YOUR methods and criteria, not what somebody else says.

    Investing in stocks (or bonds, futures, options etc.) is not something that can be explained simply and quickly on a non-financial forum. However, I can tell you that I compare it to learning how to play poker for a living. There is an element of risk, but if you are pretty good with basic math in your head, having a solid understanding of ratios and percentages, can control your emotions and read your opponents, you can make money at it in the long run. You *will* have losses; managing and coping with them is just part of doing business. A really good trader will be right on a decision slightly more than half the time (by "really good" I mean about 55-60% of the time - currently I'm about 52% right so I'm just average), but he makes money because his wins, on average, are much larger than his losses.

    And, don't worry about techniques too much; there are three aspects: methods, money management and mind - the last two are by far more important than the methods you use. You MUST learn to control risks and losses and you MUST learn to do it as unemotionally as possible. Getting emotions under control is one of the hardest things for most investors to learn.

    You're lucky, at your age, to have plenty of years ahead of you to learn how to do this well if you find it appealing. I wish somebody had pointed me to this stuff when I was 14. It's like developing any skill; you have to learn and practice - even then, you may not be suited to it. (I have tried to learn guitar playing several times, I like the idea but I'm not suited to it so I suck at guitar.) Only you will determine if you are cut out for managing your own investments.

    And, I'll also reveal the secret to making money by investing. Ready? Ok, here's the secret: there is NO secret! If you run across anybody offering to sell you a magic system or a hot stock tip, run as fast as you possibly can in the opposite direction. Markets exist because people do NOT agree on the best choices, the best techniques, the best ways - you have to develop your own style. You have to be confident and comfortable with the methods you choose to use, or you will NOT use them profitably.

    There are good trading teachers and coaches out there, some offering classes but most available in book form. Ignore any "Free seminar to get my miracle system!" advertisements - chances are very high it's just a scam that will end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars for little or nothing. Also ignore anybody who won't explain how their system works (that's called a "black box") - if they don't teach the details of what they're doing, and why, run away. You can get basic training on both technical and fundamental analysis online (much of it for free) and in books and sometimes via in-person classes - these can be very valuable, but again - stay away from most "system sellers" and all who sell black boxes. Ultimately, you'll have to choose whether to follow the technical or fundamental path; whichever fits you, you'll probably use a little of the other, but you have to focus. Like a doctor, you can't "specialize" in everything.

    Some people like to teach (I'm one of them, but not right now due to lack of time) and are happy to teach you EVERYTHING they know, including all their methods and "secrets" (because there aren't any secrets) and you know why they'll tell all? Because teaching others how to do what they do will not affect their methods or ability to make a profit at all. And again, you may find yourself picking and choosing, using only part of what any single person teaches, because you have to develop your own style. But these are the classes to take and the books to read; the honest ones that actually train the next generation of investors.

    All that being said, try reading books from Graham and Dodd, William O'Neil, Alexander Elder - basically anything you can get your hands on. Also check out books by Jack Schwager - he's done several excellent interview books with investors; great for insights and motivation. Elder's approaches work for me, they do not work for everyone, and those people above don't agree with each other. Read, play and see what works for you. If you take to it, you'll find it fascinating. But many people don't take to it; it's up to you to discover that for yourself.

    There are MANY free resources on the Internet, but also a lot of scams, so tread carefully. And good hunting!
    (I never say the 'luck' word when talking about trading, luck has nothing to do with it. Luck is for wasting your money in casinos.)
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    Thanks a lot! this really helped

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    06-25-14 07:44 PM
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    You're welcome. Don't be in a rush, learn and experiment and - have fun! Welcome to capitalism.
    06-25-14 08:50 PM
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    This is a good start. I got started at 16 yo in a life changing math class.

    What would you rather?
    1) $1000 each day for 30 days.
    2) $0.01 (a penny) the first day and double each day for 30 days. ie. $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $0.08, $0.16....30 days total.

    Here's something else.

    Can someone tell me about shares, stocks etc?-lggs4a6.jpeg

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    Also, you need common sense.

    When American loud mouths like Suze Orman say things like:

    "Are you young, fabulous an broke? How about putting a $10,000 down payment on a $100,000 home. Your home will grow $3000 the first year from 3% inflation. Where else can you earn 30% return ($3k on $10k)??"

    If you can spot how severely flawed this is through common sense, you'll do well.

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    06-28-14 07:15 PM
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    Thanks the rock!

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    06-28-14 11:35 PM
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    While I realize this is self promoting, it may help you get some more insights into the stock market.


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    07-06-14 05:48 PM

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