04-19-16 05:48 PM
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    And....not a recovery.
    Based on what I saw from the ER... BlackBerry is in recovery mode. It seems as though software/services will support the company.... once the deadweight of hardware is gone.

    This issue is it will be a comparatively small company from what it once was. So based on their projected revenues and profits...they stock really isn't going to just take off. With hardware basically history and IoT not showing any signs of a breakout product. The potential of $15 by the end of the year, or $25 by the end of the year... just aren't realistic. And the valuation of the company... is kinda weird, more value in the assists than in the business model.... and way too many shares for a company with these types of revenues.

    Anyway it's a small boring stock at this point that is going to face some "valuation pains" but it does seem to be a much more solid company now.
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    04-05-16 12:34 PM
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    The PRIV is selling well and will continue to do so. Regardless of what you read on these forums.

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    For years certain groups of people have been continuously right about Blackberry and others continuously wrong, The truth has always been on these forums, you just need to able to recognize it. Use logic and derive your conclusions based on where the evidence leads.
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    04-19-16 05:48 PM
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