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    BlackBerry has recently stepped up its purchases of parts and components, including small-size LCD panels, from suppliers in Taiwan thanks to strong sales of BlackBerry 10 devices, according to sources in the supply chain.

    AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux both are panel suppliers for BlackBerry, but the two companies declined to comment on orders from individual clients.

    Initial sales of BlackBerry 10 smartphones, particularly the BlackBerry Q10 which comes with a QWERTY keyboard, in the US and Europe have been strong, lifting market sentiment for BlackBerry, said the sources.

    Component suppliers in Taiwan believe that BlackBerry is likely to further expand the BlackBerry family by releasing entry-level and mid-range BlackBerry 10 models for emerging markets in the second half of 2013.

    Sales of BlackBerry phones in Indonesia and the Middle East have been successful, and if the business model can be replicated in other emerging markets, the vendor is likely to ship 30-40 million smartphones in 2013, estimated the sources.

    Source: Digitimes

    I obtained the initial information from @ACInvestorBlog twitter
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    05-31-13 04:47 AM
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    well sounds like good news Just keep up the work BB Keep it moving.If the Q5 is well priced it will do well for BB.
    05-31-13 04:53 AM
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    Anyone know who makes the BB keyboard? This has to be the most unique component used by BB and not by any other mobile phone makers.
    05-31-13 07:12 PM

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