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    blackberry going to the corporate sales model is a very smart move. They have no room to move in the consumer space. if you read articles like this What BlackBerry did right (video) | Adventures in Tech - CNET seems innocent enough they are actually giving credit to blackberry for starting the smartphone revolution. The problem being they see blackberry as being basically out of business already. Cnet i find to be one of the worst media outlets for their reviews and frankly even their knowledge of what is happening at blackberry. i always laugh reading or looking at an article and half way through is nothing but pure lies. These guys dont do research they just take a story run half way through it and then make the rest up. its truly just media garbage. They obviously have some advertiser steering the direction of the articles. To me its like blackberry are the bad guys. These canadian guys came here and look what they did so now they are having some tough times lets take our shots because they dont have the time or the money to fight back. its such a joke. Not being able to call any of these writers on their total lack of knowledge and pure facts. They just basically tell a whole pack of lies. Its like reading the enquirer articles. You know the ones. Man marries fish and becomes pregnant with alien baby. Its pure gossip probably 90 percent has no actualy factual basis. Good thing blackberry is going the corporate sales method sure it hurts because they have to take it on the chin from these clowns in the media but the real users of the product feel ,see and touch these items and know that blackberry is still here still kicking and still sells a great product. Hard for them to admit they are totally out to lunch on their stories and you never will hear any sort of apology if they do turn things around in fact i would say you might here the fact that hey we always knew blackberry was a great product. HOGWASH!!! you knew nothing and you blurted nothing but garbage out to the public Everyone do yourself a favour and stop reading this stuff its the best way to protest basically ignore it. We all know what the real truth is so the rest is just pure gossip and not worth your time or effort to read.
    03-11-14 02:03 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    Sounds like you approve of Chen's direction. Focus on Enterprise, and hopefully some nice devices are available for consumers -- just like the golden days
    03-11-14 02:07 AM

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