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    Blackberry and the new 48.34 million customers....? We can only hope Blackberry goes after this market

    Myanmar Stats
    Capital: Naypyidaw
    Currency: Burmese kyat
    President: Thein Sein
    Population: 48.34 million : 2011

    Listen up Analyst and Stock Shorts.....

    Myanmar(Burma) sitting on Thailand's border (Huge BIS market) is itching to expand it's mobile network.

    Up until a few months ago even buying a SIM card in this country was a big task.

    With a growth market of almost 50 million new customers.... I am certain would love a secure system like Blackberry. Blackberry's success in Thailand will only spill over to Myanmar(Burma)

    Recent note :
    A handout notice from the forum gives delegates some taste of the business challenges facing the country, noting that there will be no cash machines for international customers, credit cards are not accepted and the 3G network “is not available” for users of BlackBerry and other mobile phones.

    But Myanmar officials are upbeat despite the challenges.

    “This is our show. This is our performance to the world,” Tourism Minister Htay Aung said ahead of the WEF. - Sapa-AFP

    Time will tell...

    Most of the world is so focused on the US market...but they seemed to forget 48 million new potential clients are ready to seek new options.

    ENTER Q5
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    06-05-13 10:19 PM
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    Do you have any links to some news, or is this just a thought?

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    06-05-13 11:49 PM
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    Its more then a thought, it's reality. Burma has just opened up its mobile network. Only a matter of time , a quick google check will give you full details on developments and what it means for strategic companies like Blackberry.

    Having success in Thailand and Malaysia it's only a matter of time they will seek success in Burma/Myanmar
    06-06-13 03:06 AM
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    I'm currently in Thailand and very aware of the current state of Burma. The opportunities are equal to all participants IMO. No more or less for BlackBerry. I sure hope they get in there as well but your title imply something in BlackBerry's favor.

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    06-06-13 03:45 AM
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    I agree and I also spend time in Thailand. But let's look at this from an Asian standpoint.

    Is Burma ready for high price mobiles like iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4?

    If you were living in Burma now, would you like a secure mobile after the many years of Military rule ? I think the BB6 and BB7 BIS service is a very good start. We must keep in mind not many people use the internet and computers so even BIS internet and BBM is a step up. Most Myanmar(Burma) residents I have spoken to even say SMS is expensive.

    I feel people buying an android phone, then having to setup emails etc etc and then skype accounts is a large learning curve. People may feel my comments come from no experience, but I will tell you now, just last month I helped our friends from Myanmar(Burma) set up there very first email.

    The ALL IN ONE ( Pay as you go BIS ) service that Blackberry offers in Thailand is a very simple way to help people move forward in a country like Myanmar(Burma)

    I hope Blackberry can see the potential here with its 48 million potential clients.

    The Q10, Z10 and soon Q5 will definitely fill the corporate gap in Myanmar and Burma.

    This country needs a mobile that will help them move forward...not just to play silly video games.

    Sorry you feel I imply it's in Blackberry's favor...but I just don't feel this is an iPhone , Samsung market just yet.

    just my opinion.
    06-06-13 03:57 AM
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    It's still anyone's game but BB definitely has an edge in this case. . .how big of an edge has yet to be seen
    06-06-13 05:39 AM
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    Sorry you feel I imply it's in Blackberry's favor...but I just don't feel this is an iPhone , Samsung market just yet.

    just my opinion.
    No worries, I'm only interested in filling in the Grey area of your idea. It's extremely hard for any of us to fully detail their thoughts or ideas in a single post. My questions are an attempt to fill out your idea.

    This market sounds like a great place for second hand or low end BBOS devices. I fully agree. I hope the government is open to the BlackBerry services and the security they bring.

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    06-06-13 07:34 AM
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    06-07-13 06:14 AM

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