11-15-13 07:57 AM
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    Market share and market share of sales is the EXACT same thing by conventional business parlance.

    Market Share Definition | Investopedia

    Only on Crackberry are users intentionally trying to confound the definition to make Blackberry appear more relevant/important than it is. No one measures "market share" by the devices currently in use! That's a subjective and meaningless lagging indicator.
    Yes, that is user base - good catch, I'd missed that.
    Agree with user base and the above. My bad ... English. We do split this appart in FR.

    cgk: I was refeering to the articled published this morning with Q3 sales study from Gartner (I just went to check, but won't provide a link )
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    11-15-13 07:57 AM
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