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    If you think BBRY has value as an asset liquidation pay, forget about BBRY stock and consider the companys bonds instead. If the event of the companys failure which is something I expect you will be first in line during the liquidation process.
    BBRY Stock - Don't Buy Into the Turnaround | InvestorPlace

    Does BlackBerry sell Bonds to general investors?

    I've never heard of them selling bonds.
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    01-28-14 11:23 AM
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    I don't think they sell them to the general investor. Fairfax, Canso, Mackenzie, and other big investment firms bought them. Here's an article that might be of interest for you.

    BlackBerry Bonds Attract Investment From Qatar, Brookfield - Bloomberg
    01-30-14 09:07 AM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    I was aware of the $1.25 Billion protected "investment" by the group lead by Fairfax. This writer just made it sound like general investors could buy bonds.... he apparently didn't know what he was talking about.
    02-03-14 07:56 AM
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    Most articles are worthless. Seeking alpha is good though.... because the people that leave comments have some clue on occasion

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    02-04-14 12:50 PM
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    BlackBerry Bonds??-barry_bonds_edit.jpg

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    02-04-14 01:02 PM

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