1. swaxolez's Avatar
    So I've been thinking. If you are a company like Netflix or Instagram with employees working or not working on an app for a platform what sort of SEC rules are in place to keep one's mouth shut if you are. Obviously, these same employees could load up on shares of BB the day before they announce an app and make a very handsome profit. I have no doubt when either of Netflix or Instagram is released it will have a positive affect on the SP.
    02-24-13 11:36 PM
  2. Dapper37's Avatar
    As will many other things, sure they could. Nothing stoping them but the way the market goes thats a guess at best!
    Those 2 apps will come sooner or later, anyone that believes they are do or die is delusional.
    02-24-13 11:59 PM
  3. swaxolez's Avatar
    Well I wish I was a developer for either company right now the day before the app gets released on BB World. I guarantee you I could make an easy 10% profit off my investment in no time. Nice salary bonus if you ask me.
    02-25-13 03:32 AM
  4. Barljo's Avatar
    To be honest, Swaxolez, I'd imagine it falls under Insider Trading rules (not sure of the exact wording, but it's something like acting on possession of unpublished critical information).

    The least worst I could imagine it being called is highly inethical...
    02-25-13 03:44 AM

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